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We live our life on automatic pilot, how to get in charge again?

I thought I share one of the concepts of why people do not have the happiness they want to have:

Most people are not aware of it but they live their life on automatic pilot, the automatic pilot of the past, with as result that tomorrow is the same as it was yesterday. they are not aware that our - most of the times painful or negative - experiences and how we dealt with that experiences in the past are still running OUR today show.

That coping mechanism of that experience of the past became a subconscious habit and now it is behind the steering wheel of our life. If we look at it when we learned that habit for the first time, to deal with that experience, our world was much different that it is now, so most of the times that habit is actually outdated in effectiveness and not helping us anymore. But it became a habit so just like all the other habits we have, from having a coffee, brushing our teeth, our rituals in the morning etc we do not think about it but just do it.

Result, anxiety, depression, sickness etc. It sounds hard but research shows that 90% of our mental of physical illnesses find their root cause in how we deal with situations.

So how can we get control back of our life and future?

Watch the video or join us in one of the trainings of clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP or the remaster yourself workshop, where you learn how to master this and help others people to deal with it.

Have a great weekend,


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