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Great opportunity by ICF Romania to learn more about 3 Brains and many more topics


Southeast Europe's largest Coaching and Leadership Conference is in Bucharest on March 6 and 7.

It is a beautiful opportunity for every coach diving into the 3 Brains Intelligence approach.


Because mastering your 3 Brains Intelligence is a game-changer!

We interact daily with colleagues, clients, and teams with the objective of empowering them as we and they are all in search of happiness, well-being, and success. 

The key to achieving our goals lies in how we respond to life's challenges.

Often, it's not just logic that hinders change but our inner voice, intuition, or gut feeling that pulls us back to old habits.

This internal conflict among their three brains, despite their good intentions, can hold them back from reaching their goals and learning new things.

The groundbreaking and scientifically endorsed perspective is that we have 3 Brains - one in our Head, one in our Heart, and one in our Gut. These Brains have positive intentions to help us, but their different strategies, based on their biological evolution, memories, and learned lessons, can sometimes create conflicts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the neuroscience of our 3 brains for deeper impact.

  • Dive in mastering the strengths and pitfalls of the 3 brains.

  • Gain insights into the language of the 3 Bains, the first step to unique success coaching.

  • Have the opportunity to have your questions answered to revolutionise your approach!

Besides my presentation, meet and learn from 🔝international speakers and join an enriching experience alongside brilliant minds and growth enthusiasts 🌱 . 

I love to see you on the 7th of March, online 🌐 ! Who's joining?  🎉 🙏

Cheers Christoffel

PS As a friendly reminder, The 3 Brains coach certification training for June and September has been released. The April one has only 2 spots left.

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