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3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Coach Certification Training ©

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Everyone is unique, and we all have 3 Brains guiding us through life. 

We have all the qualities we need inside ourselves, which are activated depending on our decisions.

Happiness, wellness, and success result from how we respond to situations. As it is said: "We can't change the wind, but we can adjust our sails."  

The only question is:

How can we help ourselves and our clients/colleagues/employees to make their best decisions and implement the actions that support our and their desired health, success and happiness? 

3 Brains - Head, Heart, and Gut - Coaching Certification Training © is a gentle and still powerful coaching methodology for letting your client: Unlock a Life of Lasting Transformation!

Are you ready assist your clients to break free from the chains that hold them back? It's time to let them take control of their destiny and connect with their inner wisdom. Urgency is key, as each moment lost is a moment that could have been filled with happiness, health and fulfillment.


Face the Inner Conflict: Your Head vs. Heart vs. Gut


  • End the constant inner debate between your logical mind and your heart and gut instincts. Don't let indecision hold you back any longer.

  • Banish the Impostor Syndrome

  • It's time to silence the nagging voice of self-doubt that undermines your confidence. Shed the impostor syndrome that's been holding you back from realizing your true potential.

  • Shatter Limiting Beliefs: Don't let limiting beliefs hinder your progress. Break free and integrate your action plan seamlessly.

  • Defeat Procrastination: End the cycle of procrastination and reclaim your productivity and time.

  • Prioritize Well-Being: Prioritize your well-being and discover a path to true, lasting wellness.

  • Combat Stress and Anxiety: Say goodbye to stress and anxiety that hold you captive.

  • Beat Burnout: Overcome the overwhelming sensations of burnout, so you can thrive again.

  • Turn Insights into Action: Transform "Aha!" moments into real, aligned actions that drive tangible results in your personal development journey.

  • Unleash Your Hidden Potential: Go deeper and tap into the vast reservoir of untapped potential within yourself.

  • Master Decision-Making: Make decisions that lead to achievements and wellness, instead of being stuck in a cycle of uncertainty.

  • Cultivate Discipline: Develop the discipline you need to stay on track and accomplish your goals.

  • Conquer Overwhelm: Bid farewell to overwhelming feelings and regain control over your life.

  • Master Time Management: Take control of your schedule with effective time management strategies.

  • Uncover Clarity and Confidence: Explore your complex, unspoken thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to find solutions with newfound clarity and confidence.

  • Effortless Problem Solving: Empower your clients to solve their challenges with ease and power, without delving deep into the root causes.​


Each of these issues is a sign of your inner wisdom centers keeping you in your comfort zone. They're saying, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

But isn't it time to break free from this cycle?

The clock is ticking, and your happiness, health, wellness and transformation awaits!

The mindset and techniques for unlocking full potential through 3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Intelligence!🌟

Unbelievable, but True!
My clients, students, and fellow  coaches have all reported remarkable outcomes using the 3 Brains Intelligence methodologies. Why are these methodologies so effective?

Ask yourself: "What's holding me back from taking action or being my true self?" You probably have some answers, maybe even solutions. So, what's really stopping you from moving forward?


Heart and Gut Brain Dynamics:  
Sometimes, our Heart and Gut Brain might resist change, even when it seems like the best choice. Understand that these "brains" aren't against us. They're always looking out for our best interest, albeit with varying strategies derived from their unique responsibilities and lessons.

Imagine your mind and body as a boardroom

where three members - the Head, Heart, and Gut, -

each contribute unique insights based on their specialities.

The Heart, guided by empathy and connection, prioritises the impact our decisions have on others.

The Gut, our personal hustler, focuses on self-preservation and drives us to get things done.

Lastly, the Head serves as our strategic planner, offering logical reasoning and analysis to harmonise the heart's compassion and the gut's ambition.


However, when one member dominates the decision-making, it may create discord among the others, potentially disrupting or even derailing our plans.

This dynamic, this internal boardroom drama, is at the heart of our successes and struggles.

By recognising and effectively balancing these three voices, we can harness the power of this trinity to make decisions that are not only productive but also holistic and well-rounded.


Why don't they voice their concerns more clearly? 
Well, the Heart and Gut Brain might not be great at talking. They communicate through feelings. Many of us often overlook or misunderstand these sensations. But when we learn their language, we can guide our clients past these subconscious barriers.

Ignoring the Three Brains:
What happens when we neglect the signals from our Head, Heart, and Gut? We risk:

  • Overlooking diverse solutions.

  • Staying stuck in old patterns, beliefs, or values.

  • Letting the most dominant "brain" lead us, even when it might not be in our best interest, resulting in potential failures or pain.

Tune into the wisdom of your 3 Brains and harness their combined wisdom and power to achieve what you desire to achieve and have transformative change.

My passion is to provide you with knowledge and insights on how you can assist your clients and yourself to achieve truly long-lasting change, and thrive and excel!

🌱 What will your benefit be in these 32 hours, 4 days, of 3 Brains Coaching? 

  • Enrich Your Impact: Fuse your coaching approach with groundbreaking neuroscience revelations. Learn how to naturally incorporate these insights into your practice, creating sessions that resonate profoundly and ignite transformative action.

  • Acquire Highly Successful Coaching Techniques: Strengthen your coaching toolkit with invaluable insights and adaptable techniques that apply to coaching, leadership, management, therapy, and personal circumstances.

  • Ignite Client Satisfaction: Help your clients achieve the enduring change they yearn for.

  • Gain Confidence Through Experience: Embrace the power of experiential learning. Put new coaching tools to the test and build confidence and proficiency, enhancing the effectiveness of your sessions.

  • Sharpen Your Skills: Use the coaching process as a mirror, reflecting on your strengths and areas for growth. Overcome internal roadblocks that may limit your coaching prowess, leading to continuous self-improvement.

  • Experience Personal Growth: Personally engage with the '3 Brains coaching tools'.

  • Find unwavering support within our vibrant community of 3 Brains coaches, fostering a nurturing learning journey filled with camaraderie and mutual growth.


🎯 How will your clients benefit?
  • Unlock Inner Wisdom: Empower your clients to access their inherent wisdom, fostering continuous evolution and growth. Guide them towards self-discovery, unlocking their full potential.

  • Streamline Decision Making: Resolve inner conflicts between the Head, Heart, and Gut that hinder decision-making. Help your clients achieve clarity, enabling confident, informed choices.

  • Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs: Aid your clients in dismantling restrictive beliefs that hinder progress. Align their revelations with actionable steps to bring about tangible, life-changing results.

  • Let Go of Old Traumatic Experiences: Coach your clients to leave the past in the past. As we know, the body keeps the score but also can end the game. Bring tangible, life-changing results to your clients.

  • Unleash Potential: Enable your clients to tap into their full capabilities. Guide them in making choices that promote wellness and achievement, crafting a fulfilling life they love.

What is the program of the 8 live sessions of 3 Brains Coaching? 

You will receive invaluable insights and tools that you can apply to your coaching, leadership, managerial, therapeutic, and even personal situations relevant to you.​


Week 1: Awakening the Triad Within - session 1 & 2 -

  • Dive deep into the fascinating science of the three brains: Head, Heart, and Gut.

  • Harness the unique language of each brain to communicate with enhanced clarity.

  • Unveil our three brains' distinct objectives, authorities, and decision-making hierarchies, setting the foundation for your coaching success.

  • Learn to connect with yourself authentically and guide your clients or employees in building this essential connection with their triple brain system.


Week 2: Breaking Comfort Zones & Igniting Growth - session 3 & 4 -

  • Learn to pinpoint which of the three brains anchors your clients or employees within their comfort zone, hindering their embrace of change.

  • Learn to be in the 3 Brains CCT (Curiosity, Compassion, and Trust) state to create a nurturing environment of trust and presence, fostering organic learning and growth.

  • Master the 3 Brains Coaching Communication Techniques, acting as a beacon for your clients in their journey from learning to enduring transformation.

  • Delve into the complexity of the learning process, distinguishing between acquiring new knowledge and reshaping our beliefs. Explore how the imprints of our early years cast a shadow on our current development.


Week 3: Transforming Beliefs & Regulating Emotions - session 5 & 6 -

  • Empower your clients to replace self-limiting beliefs with uplifting ones by adeptly implementing the 3 Brains Belief Change Techniques.

  • Enlighten yourself about the Autonomic Nerve System as they are the communication pathways of the 3 Brains, boosting your understanding of the sympathetic, parasympathetic, enteric, and ventral vagal nerves.

  • Become a maestro in managing complex emotions, learning to effectively dispel stress, anxiety, grief, sadness, and mental blockages. 

  • Through mastering three potent techniques, elevate your coaching practice to new heights of emotional intelligence.


Week 4: Releasing Blocks & Embedding Change - session 7 & 8 -

  • Discover the power of the 3 Brains Stuck Release Coaching Technique, aiding your clients in breaking free from outdated coping mechanisms born out of emotional or physical trauma.

  • Immerse yourself in the art of designing lasting solutions for change within the 3 Brains, conducting an impactful full-length 3 Brains Coaching session.

  • Turn knowledge into action, solidifying your newfound expertise with hands-on application.


For whom is this training designed?

This training is designed for everyone who is coaching their clients or employees and wants to master the art of enabling long-lasting change in their clients or employees.


*This 3 Brains theory is based on the book "Relationships? Which Brain is Talking" and "How Men and Women Fit, Finally Understand Your Partner with the 3 Brains Theory", by Christoffel Sneijders.​

This 3 Brains Coach Certification Training © is recognised and approved by world-leading coaching (ICF & EMCC) and hypnotherapy associations for development points! 

Accreditation of the 3 Brains Coach Training: 

  • ICF CCE training, accredited for 40 CCEU's (Core Competencies 28 hours Resource Development 12 hours)

  • NOBCO accredited for 24 Personal development hours

  • EMCC recognise this training for 24 development points

  • PACFA recognised for development points 

  • Hypnotherapy associations worldwide recognise this training for development points


Besides 4-days of unique, groundbreaking 3 Brains Coach Training, you will receive:

INCLUDES - Mega-Bonus Package Worth Over €1,700.00

  • Free 12-month subscription to the bi-monthly 3 Brains Coach Supervision/Mentor Group, including 6 CCEUs, as I am an ICF MCC mentor (max 7 group mentoring CCEU's are allowed for your ICF renewal)

  • The unique 142 pages 3 Brains Coach Certification manual

  • Analysis of your 3 Brains Preference

  • 3 Brains Coach Certificate and use of the certification logo

  • Join the closed 3 Brains Coach LinkedIn Group

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If you would ask yourself
What would I gain if I could boost the well-being and success of my clients, employees and .......  myself even more and what is actually stopping me to do so?
What kind of answers and sensations do you come aware of?...

This training is RIGHT FOR YOU!

Who is your trainer? Christoffel Sneijders MCC

Christoffel Sneijders is a passionate professional dedicated to transforming lives. With a burning desire to unlock human potential, his mission is to bring out the best in individuals and organisations. Over the past 33 years, Christoffel has honed his business coaching, training, and clinical psycho/hypnotherapy expertise to empower people and foster their success and well-being.


Throughout his career, he has gained a reputation as an innovative and versatile expert in human behaviour and change. Christoffel possesses a unique blend of expewrtise in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Burnout, PTSD, Anxiety, Trauma, and Addictions. This comprehensive knowledge allows him to inspire, motivate, and challenge individuals, helping them create the lives and outcomes they truly desire.


Having positively impacted the lives of over 10,000 people, Christoffel is the proud author of two insightful books: "How Men & Women Fit: Finally Understand Your Partner with The 3 Brains Theory" and "Relationships: Which Brain Is Talking?" These works shed light on the intricate workings of our three brains in personal and professional relationships, fostering greater understanding and harmony.


Christoffel is actively engaged in the business world as an executive master certified coach, delivering exceptional leadership and sales training. Additionally, he provides invaluable coaching and therapy services to individuals seeking personal growth. Lastly, as a visiting professor in behavioural organisational leadership at the esteemed IE Business School, he has the privilege of shaping the minds of future leaders.


In all his endeavours, Christoffel’s ultimate aim is to contribute to creating a more heart and brain-based society. He is deeply passionate about inspiring individuals to follow their dreams and objectives while fostering a greater sense of connection and purpose.


Let Christoffel’s passion, authenticity, empathy, and extensive experience guide you towards your true potential. Together, we can transform lives and make a meaningful difference in this world.

Christoffel Sneijders MCC

christoffel sneijders MCC  .jpeg
3 Brains Master Coach Christoffel Sneijders
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist Christoffel Sneijders

I believe in YOU so that you can become the best.

"Initially, I was skeptical about the course but I needed coaching education hours and signed up.


Insights gained from my participation in 3 brain coaching refined my executive coaching. 

The training was unique.

The 3 brain method simplified my coaching approach and allowed me to help my clients efficiently identify challenges resulting from disconnects between the heart, head, and gut.

Since the training, I have deployed this approach to clients and have found that identifying core issues is unearthed more expediently when the head, heart, and gut discussion is infused.


Christoffel Sneijders did a fantastic job of keeping a class of internationally based; experienced coaches focused on adding essential tools to their coaching experiences.

An unexpected benefit to the course was that it helped me better understand my own issues.  

I would highly recommend the training."

Ted Hawkins, Executive Coach ex-partner PriceCoopersWaterhouse

Ted Hawkins.png
Jane Emanuel .jpeg

“I was truly delighted with this programme, in particular the quality of the content, materials and research complemented by Christoffel’s abundance of knowledge and expertise which he shares with generosity and humility.


The 3-brains concept really lands with my clients, supporting them to unpack complex unspoken thoughts, feelings and behaviours to arrive at solutions with greater clarity and confidence. “ 

Jane Emmanuel 

PCC Assessor and mentor on the ICF accredited Coaching Development training course and Coach Supervisor

"I have taken a number of courses throughout my career and must say this was one of my favourites.


I was in a class of very experienced peers, all whom had a MCC or PCC designation.

We found this was remarkably simple language that could take coaching conversations much deeper and broader than expected.


It was really quite remarkable. 

I have studied Mindfulness, EQI, Leadership theory and I am certified in multiple leadership and personality tools. I was pleasantly surprised at how complex yet simple the Three Brains theory was. 

I would highly recommend it to anyone" 

Jill MacLeod, PCC

Maria teresa Alonso Jaen.jpeg

"Great choice!

I followed this program in April 2020 and it is a great one for self-awareness and self-development, besides, it provides a toolset to coach and help others to move forward.

The ICF CCEUs were a plus and guarantee of quality.

Christoffel provides his best knowledge and experience in the field of business, coaching and therapy, and the virtual experience of the online training worked out very good!"


Maria Alonso Jaén, PPC Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

 “Thank you Christoffel

 I can honestly say that this was one of the most enjoyable, interactive and genuine training programmes that I have experienced.


The combination of your style and the subject matter created a very safe space, for me at least, and I have taken a great deal from this training.


In fact, after the first day, I recommended that my three closest colleagues (covering UK, Israel and South America) read your book and have a look at your work. 

All the very best,.


Claire K. PCC Business Psychologist & Coaching Professional 

Claire Keogh.jpeg

The 3 brains certification training blends cutting edge neuroscience knowledge with very effective coaching skills building.  


The concepts and the tools are easy to integrate into your coaching practice and they add another dimension to the work we do as coaches.


It takes coaching conversations much deeper and broader. It encourages and supports a shift in thinking and behaviour, taking it off automatic pilot and putting it into manual operation.


The 3-brains concept really lands with clients, supporting them to reveal complex unspoken thoughts, feelings and behaviours to arrive at solutions with greater clarity and confidence. 


Chris is a great facilitator and thought-provoking, energising coach he has very deep knowledge on the subject. 


Many thanks Christoffle, wonderful training and I highly recommend it to other coaches. 


Willem ROYAARDS CEO & Partner 3R Consultants, Work Energy Analysis and Coaching & Tools. Executive, business and team coach ICF

Willem Royaards.jpeg
Alison Sinclair 3 Brains Coach

"3 Brains coach training is invaluable if you are looking to help your clients connect with themselves and their inner wisdom to live in alignment with their truth. Grateful to Christoffel for sharing such powerful tools with us!

He has a way of enhancing the learning environment as well as making it very enjoyable, leading to new personal and professional insights!"

Alison Sinclair, Self Leadership Coach, Live Your Truth Coaching, UK.

marie de beaufort.jpeg

For a coach, it's a WIN/WIN training and a beautiful learning journey



Strong but rather simple processes to use with most of our clients.

It's a fantastic approach to structure intuition and dare to follow it.


Super tool to prepare yourself prior to a session and be aware of your alignment (or not) Head/Heart/Gut 


During the session, use meta position, check which brain you are using and adjust if needed

....And it's amazing to see our clients discover their 3 brains, and understand the power of alignment through experimentations. 

And then explore situations following their gut intuition with an open mind an an open  heart.

Marie de Beaufort

Executive coach and Head of Operation & Marketing at 3R Consultants Europe

I enjoyed the class immensely.

I really appreciate your authority on the subject and methods of coaching. Your teaching style was engaging, and you also made the class fun.

Further, you did not shy away from any questions; though they may have been generally challenging, or even critical in some way of Three Brains, you addressed them thoroughly and to the satisfaction of the one who asked.


I really appreciate that intellectual purity and emotional vulnerability on your part!

Finally, the practicum sessions were really valuable. It’s one thing to learn from the book and lecture notes; but putting things to practice was most valuable.

Your class was money well spent, and I can personally recommend Three Brains Leadership Coaching.

Dr. Gregory L. Fisher, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist; Product & Marketing Manager; Coach

Greg Fisher.png

"It was truly an experiential experience rooted in science, and a clear game changer personally and professionally.’


I appreciate that the learning was both knowledge base and experiential. So we learn the work. We practice the work. We reap the benefits of the work.


The manual, the techniques and the book provide a sustainable way to revisit the work to consider the coaching conversation and how I might integrate it and use it in helping my clients reach the highest outcome."

Sonya Ware

Executive coaching Wisdom for Leading & Living

"Thank you so much, Christoffel.

I enjoyed the course and content. You created a wonderful space that encouraged learning. It was just the right number of participants for discussion and questions. I appreciated the mixture of international students.


There is a lot to absorb in the course. Having the sessions two days in a row and a week apart was helpful in sustaining interest and retention. There was a nice balance between practice and didactic learning."


Clarice Scriber MCC

Clarity Consulting, Inc.

clarice .jpeg
henrika tonder ICF an d 3 brains coach .jpeg

Christoffel is an absolutely delightful trainer ! 

The structure, content and design of this training is amazingly flowing and the teachings are easily applicable to enhance and add value to your existing coaching practice ! 

In this transformative training there is a sweet balance between learning new knowledge and practicing new skills in an inspiring atmosphere. 

I highly recommend this training if you want to take your coaching skills to their next level and meet new interesting fellow coached from all over the world. 

Henrika Tonder

Performance Coaching (ICF) for Executives, High Performers & High Potential Talents


BErnadette Dara .jpeg

“This course was an absolute game changer for me: Christoffel being an amazing teacher provided groundbreaking and deep knowledge while also created a safe space to explore and put all the tools immediately into practice.


This holistic approach enables to go deep into the root cause of many of our and our clients’ problems and solve them so powerfully and with ease.


I can confidently recommend it to anyone working in any helping profession.”

Bernadett Dara ACC Business and Career Coach &  Multi Channel Marketing Manager MSD 

" As coaches or business executives we commit to improving, honing our knowledge, skills.  


The 3 brains certification training blends cutting edge neuroscience knowledge with very effective skills building.  Do not miss the opportunity to add such valuable learning to you skill sets.

What you will learn will remarkably change your effectiveness.  


The tools you add to your toolbox will help you become a more impactful and effective coach or business executive. "

Walter Stilphen

Retired General Manager, Coastal pacific Food Distributors and executive coach 

Walter .jpeg
arabella yee.png

Chris is one of the most accommodating trainers who will go an extra mile to help out his students.


Knowing that Chris brings a wealth of experience form both coaching and training background, he can provide guidance on whether about training or running a business.

Thank you for the opportunity and anyone who is looking for a unique way of learning, this is the place for you.

Arabelle Yee International Speaker | High Performance Coaching.

As soon as the 3 brains coaching course announcement came into my mailbox I knew I had to submit.

Now I really understand why it can be so difficult for myself to set boundaries. Now I know I have to teach my gut brain that everything is okay. And not let the other brains take over.

This is a pattern I often see in my coachees as well; a big head- and heart-brain and less self care and self-esteem.

This course gave me practical tools and language to work around it!


Moniek de Boer, coach & trainer, gynaecologist

moniek de boer .jpeg
adrian mitchel .jpeg

I really enjoyed the course with lots of very interesting content covered which I have been able to integrate into my coaching in a seamless way.

It was also lovely to meet and work with the other coaches on the course who hailed from many different countries bringing a very special energy and dynamic to the training.

Adrian Mitchell PCC MICF MIACP

ICF Award Winning Trainer at the Irish Lifecoach Institute

I am so happy that I did Christoffel's Three Brains Coaching Training!

The tools and techniques taught were POWERFUL and the whole process connected me with a love of coaching.

In the course, I cleared many blocks to success in relationships, health and career and helped others to do so too.

I connected to my inner child and cried in every coaching practice I received. which has been life changing. 

It was wonderful making new friends from around the world and Christoffel was an excellent teacher and guide, remaining calm and friendly, loving, funny and professional, no matter what question or situation arose. I

loved being led and found the information, learning about the head, heart and gut brains, fascinating as well. 

The whole experience was excellent and I highly recommend this course!

Mireille Parker, Author of Wonderlust and Love Queen : The Making of a Master  and Transformational Coach. 

sheena bailey MCC.png

I very much enjoyed the programme and have found the clarity of the Three Brains Coaching very useful.  I have integrated the concepts and the tools into my coaching practice from the very first session and they have added another dimension to the work. 


Sheena Bailey MCC

"Thank you so much Christoffel! The training was incredible and liberating for me personally!

This cohort was forthright direct and operated in truth, this perspective and way of showing up helped me to be courageous as well!


This training was truly powerful, a game changer for coaches and the clients we serve."


Robyn McCoy, MA, ACC  

Principal & Senior Advisor Trinity C

Kamila .jpeg

Highly recommend Christoffel’s 3 Brains certification course 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Christoffel is one of the rare instructors who gives genuine care and attention to every participant.


When you are in Christoffel’s course, you feel ’seen’ and supported. He remembers vital details about every single person and tailors his feedback and approach accordingly.


Christoffel cares about his students’ outcomes and spares no effort to address every question or concern. I don’t think there was anyone (in the course) who wasn’t touched by Christoffel’s awesome heart ❤️, which does absolute wonders in combination with his great skills.


There is a lightness of spirit about him and ego-free confidence, which attracts a similarly amazing group of people (to the course).


Christoffel is a truly great coach with whom it is a blessing to meet, difficult to part (you don't want the course to end) and impossible to forget.

Kamila Shakirova, MAcc, US CPA, Local CPA, Auditor of RoK, Certified Professional Coach in training

I consider my application in the 3 Brains Coach Training as one of the best investments.


Christoffel is an amazing professional and trainer, able to create a great atmosphere of trust, humour and support in the class, sharing his deep and profound knowledge of the topic, giving very concrete techniques I can use in ma coaching practice.


I appreciate his energy during all lessons, sparkling through the screens.


I honestly recommend this training to everybody who is interested in his or her own development as a coach as well as to everybody who wants to broad his/her coaching portfolio.

Hana Vykoupilová HR Consultant | L&D Architect | Coach | Essential Skills Trainer

Hana Vykoupilová.jpeg
Manuel N Sousa.jpeg

Great job Chris!  


I signed up for Three Brains to learn some new ways of taking my clients deeper into the their coaching journey and sharpen their EQ.  


This program provided an excellent platform to achieve that and I now have a new arrow in my quiver.  

Thanks for delivering a value-added program!" 

CEO, Executive Coach, Speaker, former Chief People Office

Katrina Campbell-Sloan former Head of Government Relations, Europe and Asia World Energy Council

describes her experience and success with 3 Brains Coaching

" Brilliant training! 

I completed the 3 Brains Coaching course with Christoffel in the spring of 2021 - it was truly transformative and provided an exceptional opportunity to obtain valuable knowledge and practical tools to transform our clients’ as well as our own lives. 


Christoffel is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of coaching, therapy, neuroscience (and many more), and his integrative approach really enables to uncover & work through the underlying beliefs. 


Highly recommended course! " 

Eszter Dara ACC, Marketing Manager Nestle & Health & Wellness Coach

3 brains training dates
3 Brains Coach Certification Training Calendar 2022
  • 3 Brains Coach Certification ICF for 40 CCEU's accredited
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF for 40 CCEU's accredited
    Thu, Jan 25
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    Jan 25, 2024, 3:00 PM – Feb 16, 2024, 7:00 PM
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    Jan 25, 2024, 3:00 PM – Feb 16, 2024, 7:00 PM
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    3 Brains coach training is invaluable if you are looking to help your clients connect with themselves and their 3 inner wisdom centres to live in alignment with their truth.
  • 3 Brains Coach Certification ICF for 40 CCEU's accredited
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF for 40 CCEU's accredited
    Thu, Apr 04
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    Apr 04, 2024, 9:00 AM – Apr 26, 2024, 1:00 PM
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    Apr 04, 2024, 9:00 AM – Apr 26, 2024, 1:00 PM
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    3 Brains coach training is invaluable if you are looking to help your clients connect with themselves and their 3 inner wisdom centres to live in alignment with their truth.
  • 3 Brains Coach Certification ICF for 40 CCEU's accredited
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF for 40 CCEU's accredited
    Thu, Apr 04
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    Apr 04, 2024, 3:00 PM – Apr 26, 2024, 7:00 PM
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    Apr 04, 2024, 3:00 PM – Apr 26, 2024, 7:00 PM
    3 Brains Coach Certification ICF 40 CCEU
    3 Brains coach training is invaluable if you are looking to help your clients connect with themselves and their 3 inner wisdom centres to live in alignment with their truth.
christoffel sneijders MCC  .jpeg


You like to know me or have questions?

Let's have a chat

Curious how your 3 Brains are working for you? 

Would you like to know what your preference in decision making is?


Which Brain you probably communicate the most from and listen with? 

Just do the 3 Brains Preference Assessment, available in 12 languages.

It is free assesment.

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