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What is blocking us from achieving our objectives in life?

And there is a way to easily can overcome that?

Yes, there is!

What is the secret?

Aligning your 3 Brains - your Head, Heart and Gut Brain

Yes, we have actually 3 Brains.

Your Heart and your Gut are actually real Brains, there can learn, store memories and are in charge of your daily life.

If you like to know more about this.

Just watch this 1 minute video that is part of the ICF Webinars I did for the ICF Long Island, ICF Australasia and ICF Ireland: The 3 (5) Brains Connection: The missing link for long-lasting coaching results and have some valuable insights.

Like to know more?

I released a book about this, wrote some articles article and created an ICF CCE accredited 3 Brains Coach Certification training to broadcast the message.

ICF Accredited 3 Brains Coach Certification Training

Or visit the mentioned ICF Chapters to have a replay of the webinar or mail me.

Have a beautiful day and love hearing back from you.

Enjoy christoffel


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