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Was just thinking 🤔 according to the behavioral theory in 3 -6 weeks a new habit is installed

So with just counting weeks of remote work that we all are doing - almost 38 weeks or 9 months - now there is no way back to the old normal as new habits and behavior are installed.

Just like a butterfly never can become a caterpillar anymore we will keep on working as we do now, remotely.

So what does that mean for your #leadership and way of #working in dealing with the #stress and feeling of #disconnection, #anxiety and #derepssion that many in the workforce are dealing with?

Maybe it is time to educate yourself a bit more on how to deal with this and assist others?

Have a look how we can make you dealing with this much better as leader, coach or therapist.

Cheers Christoffel Sneijders

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