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What is the difference between real leadership the well-known practice of egoship?

And what is your leader's/managers preference?

In my view, real leadership is following a passion for the greater good (people and the world or people and company also known in the business world as a vision) combined with a logical mindset to carry out that passion.

What is needed more to really push this into action is self-confidence (meaning no fear of the consequences) is a necessity. Up to now, most leaders are the same, most of them have the greater good in mind, we can discuss of course the greater good but let's agree for now they have other's welfare in mind.

The real difference is the last criteria: Letting go of personal interest. Meaning letting go of the well-known question: "Is this good for MY career, MY success, MY money, MY ego”? The focus on self-interest instead of the passion for the greater good is what makes the difference between leadership and egoship.

This egoship is also a reason why so many change projects fail or do not deliver.

The tripod, passion, logical mind, and self-confidence/letting go of self-interest is for me the real leadership.

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