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What has breaking an arrow on your throat to do with leadership ?

We all know that fear mostly leads to failure and regret whilst trust guides us to #success and #wellbeing, and I mean an integrated trust in our Head, Heart, and Gut - a 3 Brains Alignment.

The question that we all like to answer is how to really overcome our deep-rooted fears that maybe served us a long time ago but are not logical in the present moment anymore and are annoying enough still present in us?

Like the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of not being perfect, the fear of not being seen, the fear of not being acknowledged, the fear of not being good enough etc.

What I experienced during the Fire Walker Instructor course how truly being confronted with some old patterns of primal survival fear with the right setup, execution and after work results in leaving those old learned fear patterns behind.

In all honesty in the first attempt I walked away as my fear took over, my mind was screaming: “you are the person were they will say about: that happened never before whilst the arrow is stuck in your throat” and my gut was on the verge of releasing all its contents 😂 as a way of communicating: run, escape and don’t do it.

In the second attempt a few minutes later I connected with the fear and thoughts that were running in me and focussed on my passion to learn to trust on myself and not to listen to old patterns and as I did that, everything became silent inside me.

Within a blink of an eye the arrow snapped and did not leave any mark behind on my skin.

Result since then no old fear patterns than run the show anymore.

If you like to learn more about this, why not connect with me?


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