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We are social animals. Our Heart Brain is driven by a desire to connect!

In these times where we are disconnected from each other, social distancing and wearing a mask is the new normal, many people are suffering.

We are social animals. Our Heart Brain is driven by a desire to connect, and when it finds someone to bond with, the two Heart Brains literally establish a heart-to-heart connection. The energy of our heart can be detected nine meters outside our body, and when people are really connecting with each other, they can create a heart coherence in which their two hearts beat at the same intensity and pace. (Did you think that Bruce Springsteen’s song Two Hearts was a pop tune? It is, in fact, a well-researched discourse on a medical phenomenon...)

Having the ingredients to handle your own and other people emotions better is essential to stay mentally healthy and happy.

To assist you with this I made an short Ebook version of my book how MEN & WOMEN FIT, Finally understand our partner with the 3 brains theory.

Free and downloadable, so why don't you learn the techniques to deal with all of this better?

Link for the free download of the Ebook:

Love to hearing your experience and enjoy the EBook.

And please share this Ebook with friends and relatives to let them enjoy this too.


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