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The art of long lasting change

How is it possible that when our clients formulate their objectives and actions plans, even when they know that they are reasonable and doable they do not consistently follow them up?

How is it possible that they detour somewhere down the line or “yes, but…” steps in?

Why is their subconscious blocking the things they want to achieve? Is there a way out of their subconscious maze?

There is an explanation, all the techniques that psychology provided us, have an average success rate of 35%*. The success rates for cognitive psychology is 50% but for social psychology is 25% according to research. So it is not strange that our clients sometimes struggle to succeed.

The solution is easier than we might think of! - although it took me more than 15 years to come aware of it - we are barking up the wrong tree!

Most of us are working on understanding - hence our powerful questioning techniques we have as coaches - even working on the limiting beliefs, and all of that in the hope the client will change their subconscious programming.

Although Gestalt, NLP, Constellations, Haptonomie etc. are great resources, they still deal with the subconscious as one entity of feelings and emotions.

What is the answer?

3 (Head, Heart and Gut) Brain Coaching!

Yes, we actually have a Brain in our Heart and one in our Gut, they individually store memories and make independent decisions, and via the Autonomic Nerve System they are in control of all the actions, in charge of our logical Head.

What for?

Learning the language of the Heart and Gut Brain and the 5 misalignments they have in working together, will provide you the insight of how your client’s 3 Brains are dealing with the topic, and more important, it will provide you the insights/techniques to work on them to achieve real long lasting change.

Mastering 3 Brains coaching will expose blocks for your clients that negatively influence decision-making, create stress, frustration, anger, fear and conflicts. When not addressed correctly, these can result in procrastination, being stuck, ego/trust issues, depression, anxiety, and for sure ineffective decision-making approaches.

If you like to experience this new way of coaching/therapy and development I created - based on the 4 day training- a 1 day intense training. for everyone who likes to experience this

I promise you this will be 6.5 hours of training stacked with new learnings, exercises, and personal development.

I delivered this training the last months a couple of times and the feedback was amazing positive:
" I can honestly say that this was one of the most enjoyable, interactive and genuine training programmes that I have experienced. The combination of your style and the subject matter created a very safe space, for me at least, and I have taken a great deal from the two sessions."

Claire K. PCC, Business Psychologist & Coaching Professional

Why not - after these strange times of covid - invest in yourself to equip yourself with the techniques and insight for 2021?

What do we master in these 6,5 hours intensive training?

  • How to recognise and work with the language that is broadcasted from their 3 brains" the Head, Heart and Gut Brain.

  • How your client is subconsciously attributing one or more Brains to a topic they want to work on?

  • How your client's 3 Brains can subconsciously block a solution they came up consciously. These inner conflicts create unsatisfying relationships, demotivation, procrastination, anxiety/stress,, ineffective decision-making and poor overall performance.

  • What the 2 main misalignments of the 3 Brains are and how to work on this.

  • The ability to create better self-management techniques and reduce stress for your client and yourself.

When you like to join this training


€50 discount for you to make it easier to participate in my popular new virtual training program, the 3 Brains Language & Relationships Training!

(normal investment € 345 with discount € 295)

When: Friday 18th - Saturday 19th September 

Both days 03:30  - 07:00 PM Perth Time


Enjoy and love to see you

Christoffel Sneijders


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