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PEAL Academy is now 3 Brains Academy

It made sense, the passion to show it is there and it connects with what we are.

We are the 3 Brains Academy!

as achievements, success, teamwork, passion, diversity, inclusion, and wellness have one common denominator: 3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Alignment

What proof do we need more?

More than 100 coaches, leaders and business owners now have followed the 3 Brains Coach Certification Training, I had more than 2.000 (mostly) coaches in the ICF Webinars I deliverd about 3 Brains and coaching, finding your purpose and leadership.

Our 3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - are the centre of all our decisions, and outcomes in life.

Now it is the name and later during the summer period the website will be revamped.

So stay tuned.

PS as the 3 Brains Coach Certification Training September and even November are getting filled up I opened a new one in December.

Love to hearing from you or seeing you in one of the trainings,

Have a beautiful day,


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