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How to be happy: the happiness algorithm revealed. Google executive explains it.

A great explanation of our happiness.

Happiness = what we expect from life MINUS how we explain what is happening in our life.

And now just imagine that more than 99% of what we expect of life and how we explain life events is based on our belief system.

Luckily we have empowering beliefs that are supporting our happiness or succes and pitifully at the other hand we have some or sometimes so many limiting or disempowering beliefs that the outcome is pushed to a feeling of unhappiness, sadness or even unfulfillment.

Before we step into the discussion what is a belief, what do I mean with a belief or our belief system?

For me beliefs are a “Guide and Judgement” about the validity of our and others: values, thoughts, behaviours, and actions and they either empower or disempower us.

Beliefs can make us feel happy, fulfilled and grateful or they make us feel sad, angry and resentful.

How do we inhibit beliefs?

One way is that actions, behaviour or thoughts based on our survival instinct are successful in a certain situation and our hippocampus stores that in our subconscious brain as a good thing to remember or do. And it creates or a habit or a belief to repeat it in this or .... other situations . Pitifully that the good action or thought for that specific situation could be harmful or disempowering for other situations later in life. Like from "I cannot trust him because he was untruthful to me", becomes "I cannot trust any men, they are all liars".

The other way is that we learn or copy them from people who we trust or like to be connected with like: parents, family, friends, peer groups and yes TV or nowadays Social Media. Just have a look at Frozen, a great Disney movie I think, the princesses have a shape were even Barbie would be “jealous” of and the good guy has a well toned muscular body. Just imagine how that is imprinting the “perfect” body to kids, what are they going to believe how they should look like?

And now when we are gown-ups and every decision we make is based on a belief we somewhere learned in the past. From dealing with your employees, colleagues or clients to dealing with the food we eat, the clothes we wear and how we deal with our relationships.

We can say: Beliefs are the scripts of our lives ….

Beliefs are essentially our on/off switch for our ability to do anything in the world.

And beliefs are so strong that we hold to them and believe they are true despite evidence to the contrary

When I see clients for coaching or therapy I can almost tick a box that we “have” to work on one or more of the 5 “popular” Disempowering Beliefs:

Things don’t really change in my life/company

Others (friends/partner/employees) should think the way I do

My emotions should be acknowledged, and are the best indicator of action

Failure and rejection should to be avoided at almost all costs

I’m not good enough, connected with our body, mind or actions.

I wonder how you are on these ;-) ?

For me I love the idea: Just imagine you could walk into a store and you would be able to choose: which good ones to keep, which positive ones to install or have more of, and even more important, which ones to leave behind, really delete or disconnect from.

Is it not, that after leaving the store, your life and the life's of your family, friends and colleagues would be much more satisfying, more fulfilling, and more successful.

And that the equation of happiness would have a totally different outcome?

My passion and dream is to help people with tools, techniques, and new insights so that they can walk into that store and make that personal choice, that personal decision and that personal action and also help others to do the same.

And this is the reason I created the "ReMaster Yourself" workshop - a true Personal Leadership journey - to enable you to make it happen.

It is based on an integration of most of the psychological, physical and energetic treatments, techniques, that are out in the field now, a true integration of the mind (conscious and subconscious), the body (psychical and energetic) and the sub-atomic energy field that connects us all.

So the question is... "Do you want to...

Be more successful in your personal and business life?

Learn how our mind and body works and connects?

Overcome your limiting beliefs, unsettling habits and distorted thought patterns?

Help others to do the same?

Have the tools, techniques and mindset to achieve your goals, ambitions and dreams?

And, most importantly, have an energising, heartwarming, transformational experience filled with emotions, laughter and fun?"

Your ticket is available at eventbrite . - There are limited spots, so yours will be booked in strict order of registration -

If interested to know more, you can listen to our some people who already experienced the Personal Leadership Journey Amanda Hassell or Pill or visit the webpage of Personal Leadership

I will be happy to meet you in October in Perth or in November in Madrid or in an incompany training!

Have an amazing day today!


NB Continuing development credits can be given for following this workshop

Program delivered by Christoffel Sneijders,

I have more than 27 years experience in line management, international training, coaching processes, and therapy work with clients with severe issues. I have worked with people in countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA and Australia.

In total, more than 10.000 people face to face or in small training groups.

More information at christoffel's profile

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