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Why follow our course, words of a student, become the potential of you have hidden inside yourself

I received this as a post in my FB page after the 5th weekend of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Holistic Psychotherapy diploma training.

Thank you Chris for an amazing course wknd.

You are a fascinating, knowledgeable and brilliant facilitator!

Most of all, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the most profound session you conducted with me.

You have an unique ability to get through to the core of the issue with a laser like focus but you do it so gracefully and with so much kindness that it makes space for complete trust in the process.

Our conversation has had an enormous and very positive impact on me and I can not thank you enough for the insights you have given me.

You have an amazing talent for getting through to people on a very deep level.

I am grateful for the experience, it was life changing.


Have amazing loving days, and there is still spot open for the course that starts next weekend, take a risk to happiness and join.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Chris Sneijders

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