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Trauma can lead to all kind of addictions, work, alcohol, cigarets, drugs etc..

Trauma can lead to all kind of addictions, work, alcohol, cigarets, drugs etc.. Gabor Mate interview and how to deal with it?

Trauma and addictions,

Yes there is a connection just like between trauma and chronic illnesses. Gabor Mate shares his insights in this interview with LondenTV, dare to say a must watch for all of us. If you are a parent, manager, coach or someone who experienced trauma or addiction and it does not matter what kind addiction, if it is work, social media, cigarettes, alcohol, or the stronger ones.

I assume all of us had our own trauma’s, maybe just almost insignificant experiences, and I think we can all remember the some painful events we once experienced, if you are lucky the emotional connection with the event is gone and you do not suffer from it anymore.

While I am writing this I sitting in San Diego having a Starbucks coffee in the centre of the city looking over a square and watching a group of Vietnam Veterans and 2 homeless people and I cannot grasp how we as a society let this happen and what they experienced 40 years ago shaped the rest of their live and they experience everyday the consequences of that.

What is also shocking, at least for me, is the more than 50% of the population before they hit the age of 20 years experience serious trauma like child abuse, (cyber) bullying, betrayal or dreadful divorce of their parents, and cyber bullying is really exploding also supported by the “exemplary” behaviour from the president of the USA.

What happens when we experience child trauma and/or emotionally deprived childhood? We create behavioural and emotional patterns so called coping mechanism to deal with the events that happened and those coping mechanisms can lead to or are already addictions. As research shows that almost every addictions is a coping mechanism of stepping away from pain or a negative situation. Just think of the smoker who says: “I take one when I need a break”, so not having cigarette is staying in a situation where (s)he cannot have a break, a perceived negative situation so the addiction helps to avoid that perceived negativity.

The good news is there is an “easy” way for solving this, stepping out of the loop of the past.

It means disconnecting the emotion from the event(s) mentally and physically, change the negative beliefs into supporting positive ones and create an appealing future.

I know “the what to do it” sounds easy and “the how to do it” makes it in most of the times difficult, unless what I experienced you take the “right” path and steps to the solution. That means besides taking action also leaving soothing solutions behind and rally work on solution focussed actions that integrates the holistic map of where we are going to.

Based on my experience, I created three unique trainings to train therapists, managers, coaches, parents or clients to make this happen:

The Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy training, where the focus is on learning to become an amazing therapist, coach or manager and have that personal developmental as a great side effect.

The NLP coach practitioner training where the focus is on creating or expanding that positive mindset and resilience hat assist you to expand your coaching, managing and therapist repertoire and with unique techniques for interpersonal skills.

The ReMaster Yourself workshop - a true personal Leadership journey - is specially designed to enable you or your team/company to make “the change” happen. This workshop has the focus on personal development/therapy or team/company culture development, and indirect on expanding coaching/therapy tools. This workshop is based on an integration of all the treatment/coaching/development research and techniques that are out in the field now, an integration from the mind (conscious and subconscious), body (psychical and energetic) and the field that connects us all.

Would you like to life the experience, and to make your and others lives flourish?


Love to hear from you, and don’t forget never let your mind stop you from having a good time.


the video rights are with LondenTV

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