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The Three Brains interview with Brad Solomon CTG

2 weeks ago I was interviewed about the 3 Brains by Brad Solomon director of the training and consultancy company CTG Group

This is what he wrote:

"Christoffel Sneijders joins the Lockdown Sessions to talk about his new book "The Three Brains".

This inspiring chat offers insight into the three brains, gets Brad doing some of the exercises to show how it can work and highlights how anybody at any stage in their life can access powerful decision making whether they are using their head, heart or gut.

Full of insights, laughter and even some references of Dennis Bergkamp this is a fantastic episode of the Lockdown Sessions.

We know Christoffel will be back for more episodes later in the year.

Brad Solomon CTG Group "

Enjoy the video and love to see you

Christoffel Sneijders

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