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The path to flourish your personal and/or business relationships

What is making the difference between an amazing personal or business relationship and a failed one?

There are two fundamental things that form the bedrock of all approaches to improving our lives and our relationships.

One is understanding how we think and feel.
The second is observing and empathizing with others, so that we can understand how they think and feel.

Unless we can grasp the processes within ourselves that are blocking us from thinking/feeling clearly and making good decisions, we cannot change them. With luck and patience, we can sometimes also use our insights to help others or provide a model for them to follow.

Understanding how our three Brains work is the most important part of any quest for emotional connection and happiness.

Until recently, the way we thought about thinking was misguided. We focused almost entirely on the talkative, intelligent, and reasoning parts of our thinking process: our ‘Talking Head’. We have ignored, or misunderstood, what goes on beneath the surface. We have overlooked the true power of the parts of our three Brains that (mostly wordlessly) feel, remember, think, react and, yes, control our decisions and our actions. We have not understood how our three Brains work. We know, often to our sorrow, that without this understanding, finding happiness, and creating satisfying relationships is much more difficult.

Learning more about this and understanding the cutting-edge science behind the insights and techniques introduced cannot, of course, magically solve anyone’s relationship issues. But I will equip you with a new understanding that will make you much more likely to succeed.

In short, I aim to make you a happier person and help you create more stable and satisfying emotional relationships.

To assist you in this path of happiness I created an unique workshop!

In these 6 hours intensive workshop you will learn:

  1. The language and needs  of your three Brains — your Head, Heart and Gut Brain—and how that effects every personal or business relationship you have. 

  2. Understand how your 3 Brains are hierarchical connected for powerful decision-making and how those decisions can make us flourish or suffer based on how they have stored our memories and emotions.

  3. Understand better yourself and the people around you, what are your own preferences and relationships’ tensions and what are theirs?

  4. Create awareness an create a path to overcome the 2 main misalignments (dominance of one Brain and a conflict between the Brains) that prevent us for having true relationships and  create unsatisfying relationships, demotivation, procrastination, anxiety/stress, (work-)addiction, ineffective decision-making and poor overall performance.

*based on the book "How men and women fit, finally understand your partner with the 3 brains theory" by Christoffel Sneijders and the ICF accredited 3 Brains coach Certification Training

We want you will be able to instantly apply these to your daily life on the personal and business context, whatever it is:  coaching, leadership, managerial or personal situations that are relevant to you or your clients!

DATE 16 & 17 May

Fasten your seatbelts to learn a proven, effective way to enable successful, long-lasting personal change, based on scientific research. 

Don't miss it! 

Love to see you


PS this training is in the process of ICF CCEU Accreditation!

Our Student experiences

“Having that insight of how our body works, and how our decisions are made by our Gut or Heart mainly was a profound insight. More of a “shock” was that my Gut feeling is not really objective in making decisions. Grateful to have worked on that!!!” 

“This is for me as a manager so important when I make decisions and connect with people to be able to trust my Gut feeling.”

 “It’s rare to meet someone such as Christopher, so clearly doing that which he was put on this amazing earth to do – namely to empower and transform the lives of others. “

“When you do have the good fortune to enter Chris’s world, some incredible things begin to happen to you, and to all those around you.”

“Do you recall that bumper sticker, popular a few years ago Magic Happens? Well Christopher’s gift is to convince clients and students alike, that there really “IS” magic.”

“Chris is one of the most accommodating trainers who will go the extra mile to help out his students.”

“Chris you are the best teacher I ever had! Friendly, positive and easy to understand, you have a natural gift to transmit new concepts and complex ideas in an easy going and enjoyable class.”

16–19 March Gold Coast

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