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The highlights of the Book launch How Men and Women Fit, Finally Understand your partner

The book launch of the BESTSELLER of 2020 How Men and Women Fit, Finally Understand your partner with the 3 Brains theory was a blasting success.

Katherina, Jamina and Amanda made it perfect, an amazing cake, balloons in the colors and enough champagne to make everyone bubbly, really everything perfect.

If you like to know a bit more about the book just watch this 5 min compilation of the speech and the book. Who knows how a broken heart feels or anxiety that does that say about our brains. and how do our 3 brains react in a real live situation as coming home tired from work?

If you like to see more join the Better project love event. all about connections, Luck and Understanding ... Business, Networking, Family and Relationships.... I am there together with 3 other amazing people all about how to make better connections. Join this unique social mixer and expert panel for fun evening of connections and networking ....

Have an amazing day


If you like to read some more download the first 2 chapters for free from this page.

PS The book is now available on Amazon, Ibooks and Barnes&Nobles. So actually you are the first to have to opportunity to read this.

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