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Milton Erickson is seen as the most influential Hypnotherapist of the 20th century.

His techniques are partly where NLP is based upon!

But how did he do what he did? What was so special with him that the techniques had so profound effect on his clients, has always been a guess.

So many people/ex-students did their best to point down how to replicate his amazingness.

Dan Short, Director, Milton H. Erickson Institute of Phoenix did the impossible in 2017 they nailed it.

In cooperation with Jeff Zeig, Co-Founder & Director, Milton H. Erickson Foundation and Scott D.Miller, Co-Founder, ICCE they did a research in the core attitudes and core competencies that an Ericksonian Therapist has or should have.

And it is so applicable for everyone who works as a coach or is in leadership as they are essentials skills for change.

BTW we are the only one who can teach this in Australia !

Would you like to learn something unique, join us the 27th at 1 PM

The link to RSVP

Love to see you Christoffel

BTW it is part of the longer course the certification to become a 3 Brains therapist

You can read more about the 3 Brains in my book, yes dyslectic and writing a book: How Men and Women Fit, finally understand your partner with the 3 brains theory.

Also I like to call out to you to support my passion that I love to broadcast with my book: "Better understanding and communication between people, so not only between your partner but with all the people we connect with. So your family members, kids, parents, friends and colleagues.”

It brings a revolutionary way of looking at relationships and how we as men and women can change our communication and social skills. For every therapist a must I would say!

It is based on the 3 brains we have: a Head, a Heart and a Gut brain (based on scientific research that is done over the last 70 years). How our brains developed from early times, how they make their decisions and even more important that there is a hierarchy in decision making.

You will discover how your 3 brains determine your and yours partners, kids, family, and colleagues life, how they are in charge of your emotions, decisions, communication, listening skills and handle conflicts. So actually, how successful, meaningful and happy/healthy your relationships are.

For a free download of the first 2 chapters visit: and available on Amazon, Apple iBooks (also the links to amazon, Apple books are there)

If you like to read some more download the first 2 chapters for free from this page.

What people said about the book How Men and Women Fit, finally understand your partner with the 3 Brains theory

Leah Clemens: It is just Brilliant.

Stuart Padley: It's not just another self help book. It's special.

​Margaret Lawlor: Your book is fantastic Christoffel and would highly recommend and really enjoying my advanced training in clinical hypnosis you are so full of amazing insight and knowledge

Michelle Vos-Castle: Love it Really interesting Read in one sitting Like the mix of you and science Is light but interesting

PS The book is now available on Amazon, Ibooks and Barnes&Nobles. So actually you are the first to have to opportunity to read this.

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