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The 2015 dates for NLP

The new dates are there :-) for 2015 NLP training and Hypnotherapy

Based on all the interested we decided to run 2 trainings next year.

these are the dates for:

Castor and Pollux diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (22 face to face day’s training)

I weekend: 13th – 16th March Friday –Monday

II weekend: 17th – 20th April Friday –Monday

III weekend: 22nd – 25th May Friday –Monday

IV weekend: 19th – 22nd June Friday –Monday

V weekend: 24th – 27th July Friday –Monday

VI weekend: 28th and 29st August Saturday and Sunday

I weekend: 18th – 21st September Friday –Monday

II weekend: 16th – 19th October Friday –Monday

III weekend: 13th – 16th November Friday –Monday

IV weekend: 11th – 14th December Friday –Monday

V weekend: 5th – 8th February 2016 Friday –Monday

VI weekend: 4th and 5th March 2016 Saturday and Sunday

Practitioner coach certificate of NLP (8 face to face days’ course) 2015

I weekend: 27th - 30th March Friday –Monday

II weekend: 11th and 12th April Saturday and Sunday

III weekend: 2nd and 3rd May Saturday and Sunday

I weekend: 25th – 28th September Friday –Monday

II weekend: 24th and 25th October Saturday and Sunday

III weekend: 21st and 22nd November Saturday and Sunday

Call us now to receive the brochure: 040 50 85 008 or 040 53 75 001

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