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Still ❤️ this testimonial 😊 I fell in love with my husband (again) after 10 years of marriage…

Dear Christoffel,

I fell in love with my husband (again) after 10 years of marriage…

We have been a couple for already 10 years. We have a son of 8.

My husband used to work as a volunteer fire fighter. I do not know exactly how his job looked like and what he saw and experienced. I know how the impact of that on our family was.

I remember a man who was mind absent at home, belligerent, not possible to talk with, not participating in family life at all. He did not sleep and instead he was walking around the house during the night, he woke up sweaty after having nightmares. I was mother, father, driver, cook, shopping company, all at the same time. Just sometimes, when it was too much even for me, I am very strong; I just took my car and drove ahead without any purpose. Just to do something for myself, just to forget and do not think.

4 years ago, I persuaded him to visit the GP because maybe the reason of the problem is omnipresent depression. GP used 10 questions test to diagnose the depression and… he gave us antidepressants. I threw them away immediately and our life continued…

Till the day when I heard about a hypnotherapist working in the neighbourhood. I was thinking to go to him with our son who was from some time already afraid of the rain and clouds. To my surprise… my husband said: “Maybe I could go and try…?” I called immediately and I booked the visit for him.

He went there twice and even if I know how strange it can sound – he came back home changed, quiet, more relaxed. I observe my husband and I see again the person I fell in love years ago: we talk, we live, we spend our time together, and we go shopping together. All these small activities so usual and underestimated by other couples, we finally enjoy again. I know that you/Christoffel has just saved our marriage and I will be always grateful for that. Now, when I hear that somebody has some marital issues, I advise: “Just go and see Christoffel the hypnotherapist”.

I finally sent my son to you too Christoffel. After some talk, my son, so always scared of the rain, just takes now his bike and enjoys that, even if there are some showers falling down.

Thank you so much.


Note: these are personal experiences from my clients and the results may vary from individual to individual

this why I ❤️ my work 🙏

Cheers Christoffel 

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