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Sign up for the 1/2 day workshop in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Holistic Psychotherapy/Coaching

Just do it! Join our Intensive ½ day workshop in Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

The date: Sunday the 20th of January!

An amazing super succesfull 1/2 day workshop in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Coaching​, learn from the best Clinical Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach in Australia.

1. Overcoming life and career issues, the head the heart and the gut-brain​

2. How to create that relaxed hypnotic state

3. The background off hypnotherapy and hypnosis

This is a beautiful way to get a deeper insight into the usage of clinical hypnotherapy and holistic Psychotherapy and how it would work and could work for you and how you can use it for helping others.

There is no other school available in Australia like this. The tools, techniques we teach cannot be found somewhere else! The only school that embraces the holistic approach of personal change..

For more information about me/us

Book your ticket now, I have limited seating, quality before quantity!


Looking forward to seeing you!

Chris Sneijders

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