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She is brave enough to challenge the past and go for the future are you?

We all have a past and an upbringing, for some that is a happy place and for others that is a real dark place a place were we like to run away from.

A place where we experienced and learned the “wrong” lessons of life.

Yazmin is an amazing brave women who had more of this in her 23 years than most of us will have in a life time. I met her as a client and invited her for the ReMaster Yourself - the personal leadership journey - workshop.

Her change is amazing and heartwarming. For me a proof that we all can make our life a fulfilling and flourishing one.

Yazmin shook off a lot of her old beliefs and painful experiences and installed some supporting new beliefs, ones that will assist her and her two amazing kids to make life wonderful again.

Of course we could have some scepticism if a few sessions of Hypnotherapy, NLP and/or constellations combined with this workshop can do this and have lasting results.

Just imagine we can experience and therefor instal a painful emotional trauma in a few minutes and even the connecting limiting belief that is a result of this can be installed in moments.

Most of us can remember what they were doing when they heard the news of 9/11, the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York. I wonder: What were you doing when you heard or saw it?

Probably we do not have a really strong negative emotional respons when we think of it (at least I hope and wish) and still it is marked in our memory. After we saw or heard it we had an emotional response and based on the strength of that emotional respons the installation of that memory and maybe emotion happend in a few moments.

This short cut that we have in our brain to instal trauma. That short cut can also be accessed to DELETE it. Just imagine when that happens, how quick healing can occur. When we delete the emotional connection, than a trauma becomes just a memory, and we have millions of memories that are just memories without a real emotion and this one becomes just one of them.

When you like to learn more of this and/or experience in action visit our ReMaster Yourself workshop - the personal leadership journey -

Book your tickets at: eventbrite

Love to see you there in October in Perth or in November in Madrid

Christoffel Sneijders

Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, professor at the IE Business School, ReMaster Yourself the personal leadership journey facilitator.

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