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Research our eyes are in control of brain plasticity and therefore our changes we want to apply

The eyes have the power to turn brain plasticity on or off. In fact, a recent and remarkable study shows that in the visual system, neuroplastic change begins not in the brain but in the eyes.

A team led by Takao Hensch, of Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Alain Prochiantz, of École Normale Supérieure, demonstrated that in newborn mice, the retina sends a protein called Otx2 to the brain, instructing it to enter a very plastic phase that allows accelerated learning and plastic change to take place.

They were able to use labeling techniques to track the protein as it travels from the retina.

Basically, as Hensch put it, “The eye is telling the brain when to become plastic.”

This finding—that brain plasticity is triggered by changes in the eye in response to visual stimulation—is a powerful demonstration of our core thesis that the brain and mental activity cannot be understood in isolation from the body

Visualisation is used in Hypnotherapy to create change hence the power of it !

If you have the ambition to learn these amazing techniques of Clinical Hypnotherapy why not join us for the 2 day certificate training hypnotherapy.

This 2 day is a workshop that provides you with concrete tools and techniques you could apply the day after and it is a great pre-start for the training that will be starting in September.  

Have amazing loving days and love to see you in May!

Christoffel  Sneijders


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