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Live Your Potential, let your Head, Heart and Gut Brain speak

To become what we desire to become, to do what we love to do is not always easy.

Sometimes we feel somehow unsatisfied in our personal or work-life, and we would like to transform this.

A lot of people us get stuck somewhere down the line trying and give up and "accept" that this is life. they stop living their full potential. In my opinion a pity b ´cause we can.

Why are we doing it "wrong"? It is easy when you come aware that the so called specialist of mind change the Psychologist only an effectiveness of 30%. WHAT 30% Yes 30%

YES It is possible if you do the right things. We need to bark up the right tree.

Your believes, as I am not good enough, it will never change etc and our trauma's are stored in our Heart and or Gut Brain. And there we have to find the solution.

In this presentation/workshop at the Living Consious expo I shared the secret, align your HEAD, HEART and GUT brain.

My passion and dream is to help you by providing you with the tools, techniques and mindset to take the action required to achieve the life you desire.

Enjoy the presentation!

Christoffel for the best training on Hypnotherapy, Head/Heart/Gut coaching and therapy and NLP

Professor organisation al behavioural leadership at IE Business School Clinical Hypnotherapist/psychotherapist

Executive Coach

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