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Jack Ma, Alibaba, IQ, EQ and LQ the head, gut and heart brain

source: world economic forum 2018, 

Emerging Leadership, using your IQ, your EQ and the LQ, the Q of future succes! 

As Jack Ma from Alibaba says it is all about the LQ. That means that we “should” use our 3 brains

HEAD brain (IQ), the place of logic and knowledge and also the critical voice

GUT brain (EQ) were survival instinct is stored and the energy to overcome fear and

The HEART brain (LQ), the place of compassion and love and connection.  The brain for our succes in the future!

Why is this so important?

As an example from the book: Head, Heart and Guts: How the World's Best Companies Develop Complete Leaders, David Dotlich

For any leader operating in a global environment, context is crucial. In the past, leaders could rely on their knowledge to solve most problems and deal effectively with most situations.

Most of the time, they were operating within a relatively narrow, relatively constant environment or set of specialties. Today, the context is constantly shifting. One day, it may be important for a CEO to show compassion in announcing a divestiture or plant closing.

The next day he may focus on forging an alliance with an American, European, Chinese or Asian partner to create great opportunity for growth.

In both situations, the CEO must decide on a course of action, knowing that at almost every decision point the upside has a downside and that the ability to make the right decision, based solely on analysis of existing information, is virtually impossible. He must possess an almost instinctive sense of risk to determine whether venture or cost cutting is worth it.

On a third day, he may face litigation due to intellectual property, shareholder, or employee claims, and to minimise the damage any of these might do, he may need to display equal parts of head, heart, and guts to manage the issues that arise.

Like to learn more about this?

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Have an amazing day today!

Christoffel Professor organisation al behavioural leadership at IE Business School Clinical Hypnotherapist/psychotherapist Executive Coach

More information at christoffel profile

Christoffel Sneijders is drawing on over 25 years of corporate and client experience in Europe, the Middle East, USA, Asia and Australia and has been working with more than 10.000 people.


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