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How are you going to make 2019 the best year ever? Inspiration from a guy who made it?

With Christmas we celebrate the returning of light and hope and somewhere we make promises to ourselves to do this year better than last year. And will you, are you determinded to make 2019 an amazing year?

This guy did it, we can discuss the extreme focus he talks about and still nothing comes for free, our health, our study, our work, our relationssips they all need attention and focus to succeed.

I'm wondering what are your ideas for 2019? You once enquired for the Hypnotherapy training, will 2019 be the year to follow up that wish? From our side we love to meet you in trainings and help you to bring the best out of you.

Our actions for 2019!

We made the clinical hypnotherapy and holistic psychotherapy training even better than it already is.

This year we introduce the advanced clinical hypnotherapy and holistic psychotherapy training, where the focus is on the NLP tools that really work as a therapist and coach, and the somatic work: the heart, head and gutbrain to overcome trauma, PTSD, and orther issues that are still stuck in your body.

Amanda and myself are dedicated to provide you the confidence, mindset, tools and techniques to make you the best you can be. So that you can make this world a little bit a better, happier and healthier place.

When you like to experience if this is something for you join our Intensive ½ day workshop in Hypnotherapy and Coaching, on the 20th of January.

Book your ticket now, I have limited seating, only 3 spots are left.

quality before quantity!


My objective for 2019 is finishing my book, "how men and woman do fit" what is about how with the knowledge of our three brains men and woman can understand each other much better. That we can skip the idea that we are from different worlds and therefor do not understand eachother. That we can learn easily to bypass arguments, and much more important get rid of the stereotyping of masculine or feminine energy or traits. Becasue we are all the same only different programmed.

When you like to read the first chapter for free please send me an email. EMAIL first chapter

Have amazing loving days, enjoy the first days of 2019 and looking forward to seeing you this year!

Chris Sneijders

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