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How a hypnotherapy student did amazing things for anxiety and insomnia patient

I received this mail from one of my hypnotherapy students. Who worked with a lady with anxiety and insomnia based on her addiction.

" Hi Chris,

How are you?

Just wanted to say thanks for the training on the weekend. It was great.

Also I wanted to let you know I did get a chance to put the combined induction into practice last night.

A lady here coming off methadone was highly anxious and agitated. She has been here for 13 days now and has struggled with sleep every night - which has been driving her crazy, adding to the anxiety.

Well, I spoke to her and she agreed to give it a go. So I went through the script and added a bit on, just encouraging her.

She slept perfectly all night and had to be woken up this morning for breakfast!!!!

Thanks again Chris for the chance to learn these techniques.

It is like a precious gift. D.""

And than just imagine he 'only' did the first weekend of the hypnotherapy course, just imagine what could happen more in the other weekends.

For me it is a beautiful example of evidence based research. No pills or other medication but compassion and the right hypnotherapy.

Would love to her your opinion about this.

Make your day amazing, there is no reason not to do so.


BTW Would you love to do these amazing too? see below for the different courses

The Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy training.

Designed for:

Individuals desiring to be in personal development practices or are already in and want to develop new therapeutical skills

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Master therapeutic hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, techniques to help people to overcome life issues, addictions, depressions, anxiety and more

Your benefits:

Learning effective analysis techniques

Acquiring person centered interview skills

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You will receive a diploma in Clinical hypnotherapy/psychotherapy.

The NLP coach practitioner training.

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Any professional that works with individuals or groups, such as coaches, trainers, managers,

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Learning and implementing coaching and therapeutical NLP techniques.

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The ReMaster Yourself workshop - a true personal Leadership journey -

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A true personal Leadership journey

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team/company culture development

expanding coaching/therapy tools.

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A real integration from the mind (conscious and subconscious), body (psychical and energetic) and the field that connects us all.

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