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From being heavily burned to being motivated and happy again

We all headed stories about people who overcame trauma, and we all have had experienced some trauma ourselves in our lives and some off us are still in it and some overcame it.

Statistics say that when we experience trauma, 15-20% can have PTSD as a result, 60% just overcome it and more AMAZING 15-20% can have a Post Traumatic GROWTH from it, that means it changes there lives for the positive.

Why this video or this post because we all have the capacities to do so.

When you watched the videos of Gabor Mate and read the earlier post you came aware that we need compassion from others to deal with trauma, and in this case Colin finds that’s compassion and push from his Mum and later his girlfriend.

For me it shows we all can, maybe for some it takes more time and is it a bit harder and still we can. Sometimes it is just using other techniques and other tools to get there.

As Einstein said, if you try the same method/technique again and again and hope for an other outcome you are up for the law of insanity.

My passion and dream is to help you with tools, techniques, and new insights so that you can do the same for yourself or for others.

So the question is... "Do you want to...

Be more successful in your personal and business life?

Learn how our mind and body works and connects?

Overcome your limiting beliefs, unsettling habits and distorted thought patterns?

Help others to do the same?

Have the tools, techniques and mindset to achieve your goals, ambitions and dreams?

Learn how to help and coach others to make that change?

And, most importantly, have an energising, heartwarming, transformational experience filled with emotions, laughter and fun?"

Based on my experience, I created three unique trainings to train therapists, managers, coaches, parents or clients to make this happen:

The Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy training, where the focus is on learning to become an amazing therapist, coach or manager and have that personal developmental as a great side effect.

The NLP coach practitioner training where the focus is on creating or expanding that positive mindset and resilience hat assist you to expand your coaching, managing and therapist repertoire and with unique techniques for interpersonal skills.

The ReMaster Yourself workshop - a true personal Leadership journey - is specially designed to enable you or your team/company to make “the change” happen. This workshop has the focus on personal development/therapy or team/company culture development, and indirect on expanding coaching/therapy tools. This workshop is based on an integration of all the treatment/coaching/development research and techniques that are out in the field now, an integration from the mind (conscious and subconscious), body (psychical and energetic) and the field that connects us all.

Join us for one of this amazing trainings and make the change.

Love to hear from you, and don’t forget never let your mind stop you from having a good time.


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