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Fil and how he ReMasted himself

Learning to bringing out the best of yourself. Living the life you deserve, Who does not dream of that sometimes and just accepts that it is not possible or achievable or whatever excuses we use for not making the step?

Fill provides an insight whats the reMaster Yourself workshop did for him and what his ideas are about this workshop

*On the question: What did you like about this workshop?Fil responded: “The workshop was immensely engaging. The most satisfying aspect for me was that you were able to provide us with practical tools from your examination of cutting edge biology discoveries. We were provided with profound insights about why and how we have the power to change ourselves. From this understanding then you gave us the tools to enabled us to change. This is an empowering formula for personal mastery.” *

On the question: What was the best element of the workshop/benefit the most, and why?

Fil: "I very much benefited (and am hungry for even more in the future) of an insight into limiting beliefs, and the strategies towards removing them.

The excercise in which we examined when we installed limiting beliefs and took steps (mental AND physical) to walk through these was very much a highlight for me.

The process of examining my limiting beliefs was very much a 'wake up' moment for me. Through your workshop I was able to concisely confine in three sentences the three main sticking points of my life - the beliefs that have held me back since I was seven years old! I really enjoyed your analysis of how these limiting beliefs are holding us back, and whether we think we are either possible/capable/deserving of change was a more useful than I can put into words. I would like to do much more practical work on this."*

On the question for who could this be also good?

Fil: "There's so much I could say to recommend this course and as you can see,

I like to give too much information about things that I really love! To put it into a nutshell, this is the best self development course I have ever taken part in. There is a perfect mixture of theory and practical to keep you inspired to improve yourself. What makes it a truly wonderful experience above all, though, is the super fun vibe that Christoffel maintains during the workshop.

You can't help but love life in his presence! And this atmosphere just rubs off on you. The workshop gives you the energy and passion to DANCE back into your in your day to day life and not care about the things that seemed such a big deal before you went in - a priceless gift.

I would be very happy to have the above shared on facebook - I feel it captures the true essence of why I loved the course so much"

When you like to learn more of this and/or experience in action visit our ReMaster yourself workshop to order tickets:

Love to see you in October

Christoffel SneijdersClinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, professor at the IE Business School, ReMaster loverIf you like to know more, mail me or visit

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