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Don't follow your Heart, follow your 3 Brains. An amazing Podcast

In this mindboggling podcast episode, we go deep into the fascinating "3 Brains Theory" and the profound influence of the heart brain. 🧠💖

Today on Life Coach Code we speak with Christoffel Sneijders, a 3 Brains Coaching Trainer and an ICF MCC Executive Coach, about the The Three Brains theory and how powerful our Heart actually is.

🌟🎟️ 🚀 EPISODE SUMMARY: Did you know that your heart is, in fact, a brain in its own right?

🌟 The Heart-Brain Connection: We uncover the astounding discoveries of the heart's independent memories and its role in personality changes, often seen in heart transplant recipients.

🌟 The Three Brains: Learn about the three key brains within your body – the head brain, heart brain, and gut brain. Discover why an imbalance in these brain centers can lead to health issues and how to find equilibrium.

🌟 The Power of Bonding: Uncover the heart brain's profound role in bonding and socializing, essential for human connection and cooperation. Explore how oxytocin, the bonding hormone, can sometimes lead us astray.

🌟 Electromagnetic Heart: Did you know your heart emits a magnetic field 5,000 times stronger than your brain? Understand how this field influences your interactions with others and even synchronizes biological rhythms, such as menstrual cycles.

🌟 Quantum Biology Insights: Explore how quantum biology reveals the heart's electromagnetic communication in animals and its impact on group behaviors.

🌟 Listening to Your Three Brains: Understand the importance of making decisions that align with your head, heart, and gut. Learn why a harmonized approach can lead to transformative life changes.

🌟 Becoming a Magnet: Discover how aligning your three brains can supercharge your energy, attract positive opportunities, and shape your reality. Join us on this thought-provoking journey into the power of your heart brain, and unleash the incredible potential within you. Tune in now to revolutionize the way you navigate your life!


00:00 - Intro

04:00 - "We will give your life back"

06:28 - Is The Heart a Brain?

13:01 - Why Listening More to Your Heart and Less to Your Gut Often Leads to Disease? 17:40 - How The Heart Communicates with Your Brain?

19:30 - "The Heart is 5000 Times More Powerful Than The Brain"

21:23 - How The Heart Experiences Emotions?

27:50 - How The Heart Communicates Electromagnetically

32:20 - Is Verbal Language Destructing Us From Heart to Heart Language

36:07 - We are Trained to NOT Listen to Our Bodies

39:08 - How to Listen to Your 3 Brains?

51:56 - How The Heart Literally Changes Reality On a Quantum Level?

57:33 - A Glimpse of The Superhuman Summit

58:31 - Where Can People Find Coach Christoffel Sneijders?

When you want to know more, you can do the free 3 brains preference test or dive into this, unlock your potential, and follow the 3 Brains Coach Certification Training.

The 3 Brains Coach Training

To buy the book? Just click the picture.

I love to hear your comments.

Cheers Christoffel

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