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Are we really from venus or mars?

How many times have you been in conversation with friend, colleague or loved one, and felt that you just couldn’t get through to them?

You both understood the words, but neither of you was hearing the other.

It’s frustrating and it happens to all of us.

You would think that after millions of years of evolution we have worked it out by now how to understand each other?

So how can it be? Are we really from Venus or Mars?

No the gender gap is not the reason for our miscommunication.

What is it?

We actually have 3 Brains one in our head and one in our heart and on in our gut.

Our heart is all about us and connection and has the emotions love and hate

Our gut is all about ME, survival and works with the emotions fear, anger and desires and lust.

So just imagine what happens when they are in charge?

Have an amazing day


If you like to read some more download the first 2 chapters for free from this page.

PS The book is now available on Amazon, Ibooks and Barnes&Nobles. So actually you are the first to have to opportunity to read this.

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