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98% probability this year will be the same as last year despite all your  good intentions, unless...

Research shows we only change only when there is a real need. The need can be avoiding pain and/or seeking pleasure.

When do we act? Most of the times, when it becomes URGENT to avoid the pain. When we have serious health issues because of our life style, a divorce because we forgot to nurture the relationship. Business wise: the consultants come in when sales, the general effectiveness or results really go down, than a reorganisation and more is done. Result we have stress to avoid the pain.

Pitifully seeking happiness, a flourishing life or company that runs smoothly with real attention for bringing out the best of the employees, and connecting with source of their existence: the clients. This does not bring instant gratification.

So procrastination or even worse neglect is often the reality.

And there is a solution.......... Watch the video for the answer.

When you like to learn more of this and/or experience in action visit our website or leave a message.

Love to hearing from you.

Christoffel Sneijders​

Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, professor at the IE Business School

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