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3 Minutes synopsis of 3 Brains Coaching

❤️A heartfelt thank you to all the 650 attendees and your enthusiasm shown during these 6 webinars of “The 3 Brains (Head, Heart and Gut) connection, the missing link for long lasting change”.

What is 3 Brains Coaching about?

As er all know, everything we do - in personal and professional life - is based on conscious or subconscious decisions, and more than 90% of our decisions are made by our subconscious.

What is the breakthrough? Our subconscious is actually 2 Brains: our Heart and Gut Brain.

Wellbeing and success are dependent on whether you can align your 3 - Head, Heart and Gut Brain - in your decision making process.

Because, what is blocking long lasting results?

Decisions made by 1 or 2 Brains and not 3!

When they do not communicate with each other they stay reflexively loyal to an old behaviour or belief that could cause them pain! Even when it works against them in some context!

3 Brains Coaching provides you this control

🙌🏻 Looking forward to meeting you in one of the 3 Brains Coach Certification Trainings !

Read more about the 30 CCEU's ICF approved training with this link

Have a beautiful day and love seeing you in June.

Enjoy christoffel

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