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Why we can heal, Bruce Lipton explains.

We can heal because we have between 50 and 100 trillion cells and each cell has 1.4 volt of energy inside, just imagine that we could focus that energy, how many city's could we illuminate?

That is what healers do: be a transmitter of energy, realigning your energy patterns.

This is also why we can connect with each other without knowing just by feeling, we can sense the energy from someone else.

Last but not least this is also one of the theories behind my 3 brains theory.

We can sense each other and we can also sense inside ourselves and our brains and cells do that on a 24/7 schedule, they always and constant communicate with each other.

If you think your Head is in control, sorry it is not: your Gut brain is and is sending 9 times more information to the head then the other way around.

Also one of the reasons hypnosis works so good, we can connect on multiple levels.

And If you like to experience Hypnotherapy and come aware how it could help you in your career , when you learn all those techniques to connect better - or start a career in it. Why not join us for the 2 day certificate training hypnotherapy there are 2 spots left!!!

This 2 day is a workshop that provides you with concrete tools and techniques you could apply the day after and it is a great pre-start for the training that will be starting in September.

2 day certificate

Have amazing loving days!

Christoffel Sneijders

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