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Why is it so hard to have well-being in the workplace? Our Biology provides the answer

Brainz Magazine published my article:

“Why is it so hard to have well-being in the workplace, our biological battle between selfishness and compassion.”

It was discovered that many employees are still struggling with unacceptably low levels of well-being. Moreover, most reported that their health worsened or stayed the same last year.

The findings of the Deloitte Well-being at Work[1] survey should be a significant cause for concern among leaders, as they need to deliver.

The research was conducted on 3,150 C-suite executives, managers, and employees across four countries — the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

What is the paradox?

For respondents to this year’s survey, motivation to achieve well-being doesn’t seem to be a challenge: Eighty-four percent say that improving their well-being is a top priority this year, but a heavy workload, stressful job, and long work hours topped the list of obstacles people say are getting in the way of improving their well-being.

As a result, many employees are finding it difficult to prioritise their health and engage in

positive well-being behaviours—especially those tied to their job.

We all like to achieve our life objectives, whether personal or business goals. Leaders have the extra challenge of meeting their objectives as they have the balancing act to establish happy clients, have results for the company, and keep their employees motivated.

Still, many leaders don’t succeed in keeping these pillars in balance, even though there are thousands of self-help gurus, even more books and, yes, even more social media posts about it, as we can read in the Deloitte research.

What’s strange is that we all know what to do, as everyone who likes sports knows the adage: passion leads the way to success.

There are countless examples in sports where the passionate team beats the on-paper, better team.

It is not top-secret that wellness is an essential pillar of passion.

So why is it so hard to establish this when we know it?
To answer this question, a crucial question must be asked: Who, within us, truly controls our decisions and actions?
To read the answer and solution, read the article on

Read the full article in Brainz Magazine

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Cheers Christoffel

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