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What you eat will changes your genes and your health research shows!

Researches Waterland and Jirtle at the Dannon Institute, proofed we can change our DNA and influence our health and that of our kids with the right nutritions!

For the research they used mouse of all the same DNA that possesses a genetic defect in their agouti gene, which encodes the signalling molecule for hair colour, ordering the hair follicles to produce a yellow coat rather than the customary brown.

Mice with the defective agouti gene are also destined to be couch potatoes, these mice are often hugely obese, with a tendency to develop diabetes and cancer.

Half of the female agouti mice were fed extra B vitamins before they became pregnant, during pregnancy, and also during lactation, while the other half received only normal mouse food.

Genetic code for proteins comes in four versions, notated by science with uncharacteristic simplicity as A, C, G, and T and with the mice who received the supplement of vitamin B the C transformed into T.

In a huge portion of the offspring of the mice who’d been given the B vitamins, changed the building blocks of their DNA!

The B vitamin supplements, in a sense, had turned on a different gene.

The changes in gene expression were also physically obvious.

A larger percentage of offspring of the mothers that had received the enriched diet were a normal brown colour and also less susceptible to adult degenerative diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Unlike their mothers, the next generation of mice lived out a normal lifespan.

The dietary supplements had dramatically overridden the offspring’s genetic destiny by turning off the agouti gene’s expression.

Source Lynne McTaggert The Bond

So stop finding excuses why you cannot and blaming your genes, YOU CAN CHANGE!

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Have amazing loving days!

Christoffel Sneijders

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