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There are no excuses anymore: the 3 Brains Preference test is now in 14 languages available!

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Really Happy and proud!🥹

To celebrate this with you, I invite you to do the 3 Brains Preference test, make a comment about it in linkedin, Facebook or Instagram, tag me, and get a €150 discount on the 3 Brains Coach Certification Training!

(meaning €1,545.00 instead of €1,695.00 is the early bird fee)

There are now more than 130 coaches certified and present in 30 countries around the world, that integrate "3Brains coaching" in their practice.

Why do so many coaches and business leaders love to master 3 Brains Coaching? What are the amazing benefits?

To say it simple:

your 3 Brains are the root source of all your decisions.

Meaning working with and on the 3 Brains changes the beliefs, behaviours and habits they are responsible for.

Therefore coaches and leaders who work with the 3 Brains techniques have almost unbelievable successes with there clients and colleagues.

Yes, we have three brains.

Scientists discovered 35 years ago that in the heart, we have one hundred thousand brain cells that operate like a brain - can remember, can make decisions. Now you're a mom, so you know how you sometimes feel that your heart almost squeezes when you leave your little one alone.

Now, why does your heart squeeze?

That signal is not coming from your head. Now your heart feels, “oh, I’ll leave my little one alone”, and it gives a reaction. Also, it can produce three hormones that help you in that: oxytocin - the love hormone, endorphins- that puts you in action, and dopamine - the famous memory-drug, you could say.

And in the same period of time, in the mid-80s, beginning of the 90s, the gut-brain got officially approved as a brain. So, Michael D. Gershon, with 30 years of research on the gut, described in his book “The second brain” that we have 500 million brain cells in the gut; that's the size of a dog brain in your gut. 100 million around your small intestine, and the other 400 million in that area to make all kinds of decisions. And not only about digestion but everything that has to do with your survival needs. So, when you have that gut feeling from, “Agh! Should I do it or not?” that's your gut saying, “Is this wise for my survival or not?” where do you feel fear? In your gut.

The 3 brains have their own authority and their own objectives

The gut brain thinks all about survival, me, myself and I. Everyone who's a winner, whether in sports or companies or politics or in whatever's… they need a big gut brain.

To become a real winner, you also need your heart-brain because you have to follow your passion. And your heart-brain is all about connection. If you follow your gut, you would say: "okay, I will go for my own career, for my own stuff and my own things, and by the way, I don't care".

If you follow your heart, you'll say: "no, I take care of the team. I take care of the family. I take care of everybody else".

If you follow your head, you say: "Okay, let's be logical. What is the best decision based on all the statistics and all the wise things?"

If you follow only one, most times you may regret it in the end. So we must align those three and let them have a discussion inside and come up with a common solution.

Here are some of the highlights of the 3 Brains:

Head Brain

Our Head is focused on providing the right prediction, and therefore understand, analyses and creates scenarios.

Singular Outcome:

  • Pro: you have the most logical solution

  • Con: you omit all emotion from your decisions

Heart Brain

Our Heart is our relationship radar, it is the center of values and is good or wrong.

Singular Outcome:

  • Pro: good connection with others

  • Con: putting their needs above your own

Gut Brain

Our Gut Brain is the real survivor; when push comes to shove, it tells us how to survive.

Singular Outcome:

  • Pro: reaches for success and achievements

  • Con: you risk going unliked by others

If you follow only one, most times you may regret it in the end.

So we must align those three and let them have a discussion inside us and come up with a common solution.

If you like to know more about how your 3 Brains are in charge?

Why not doing the free 3 Brains preference test?

It provides you insights about how you make decisions and how your self protective system works.

( PS: post your score or make a comment about it, and get the €150 discount)

Love to read your scores and comments! Have a beautiful happy week!

Cheers, Christoffel Sneijders​


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