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the Live YOUR Potential workshop, what is that?

Do you feel unsatisfied in your personal or work-life, would you like to transform your top 3 negative habits in just 3 days to live the life you desire?

This is the workshop that will facilitate that change for you!

It is designed to bring out the best in YOU. The life you are dreaming of is within your grasp.

You will:

1. Experience how to achieve personal growth and improved self esteem

2. Learn the tools and techniques for the mindset needed to achieve your goals

3. Live in the ‘sweet spot’ of the present moment where possibilities exist, without addictions, depression or anxiety that hold you back

4, Change your energy and mindset to enjoy better relationships

5. Liberate emotional and healing energy stored in your body, and use it to create a “new you”

6. Have a fun, heartwarming and life changing experience

My passion and dream is to help you by providing you with the tools, techniques and mindset to take the action required to achieve the life you desire.

Like to learn more about this?

I have a training in Perth and in Busselton about this your ticket is available at Eventbrite Perth or Eventbrite Busselton. - There are limited spots, so yours will be booked in strict order of registration -

I will be happy to meet you in May or June in Perth or Busselton.

Have an amazing day today!

Christoffel Professor organisation al behavioural leadership at IE Business School Clinical Hypnotherapist/psychotherapist Executive Coach

More information at christoffel profile

Christoffel Sneijders is drawing on over 25 years of corporate and client experience in Europe, the Middle East, USA, Asia and Australia and has been working with more than 10.000 people.

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