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The lessons of an unexpected 10 minutes meeting: how to be healthy and happy at 87?

The lessons of an unexpected 10 minutes meeting: how to be healthy and happy at 87?
Christoffel and Alfred Rieber

How often do you grasp this opportunity? Being inspired by someone totally unknown to you?

Whilst I was doing my laps in the pool in the hotel where I was staying last night, I saw from my eyesight an elderly man standing straight up waiting for me to finish. It was a small pool so it made sense, although according to me, he could have been swimming next to me, because when I noticed his presence I started to swim closer to the side.

Anyway, some minutes later, after I finished my laps, he entered the pool and did his laps.

We met afterwards in the sauna and I asked him, with my dutch bluntness, his age as I was positive surprised about his vitality. After my guess of 80 he shared he was 87 with a big smile.

The smiling man is Alfred Rieber, lecturer of Russian history at the University in Budapest.

Whilst sitting in the sauna, besides having a short discussion about Hungary and the current Politics, he shared the way to stay fit at 87.

His secret: doing a couple times a week a swim and a sauna and doing what you love to do, being connected with people and staying curious to learn.

At 87 he still is lecturing, a little bit less than he did when he was 65 but still lecturing.

And why?, because he loves it!.

According to him, retirement is stopping inhaling life.

What was so beautiful of this unexpected meeting is the vibrance he showed, the enthusiasm to be on the picture in the swimming pool, his big smile and his eagerness to get a copy of the picture.

For me, he is an example about how to live life. A fresh perspective to think of. Thank you Alfred!

Have great day and many unexpected moments of joy

Christoffel Sneijders

Info Alfred Rieber

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