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The Gut Brain & stored emotions, Pierre Pallardy, osteopath, dietician and and physical therapist

How does our Gut store emotions?

Pierre Pallardy, a world-renowned osteopath, dietician and physical therapist, shares that when he is working with clients and when massaging and manipulating a patient’s abdomen, he frequently observes that deep-rooted emotions and traumas are released and surfaced.

When I talk about the Head, Heart and Gut Bain connection this is one of the examples of it works.

According to Pallardy, deep abdominal work can at times an added value to the processes therapy.

I do not know if it is true and Pierre claims that both Freud and Jung used techniques of placing their hands on a patient’s head and abdomen during sessions.

Even that Freud would massage a subject’s abdomen during treatment, what sometimes sounds strange to me as he was also know to sit behind his clients.

Pallardy describes that in his own work massaging of the Gut area somehow can release lost memories and recollections, that is the same as I learned in Haptonomie in the Netherlands

It is not new all of this as in the Chinese Taoist practices of Chi Nei Tsang what is a specialist massage technique for the abdomen and internal organs is originating from the believe that memories of our deep emotions reside in the gut. Chi Nei Tsang is associating that the basic emotions as anxiety, fear, and sadness are connected to the different areas of the viscera. For example, anxiety is stored in the Stomach and Negative emotions in the large intestine.

What has this to do with Hypnotherapy or the Advanced diploma? Everything as there we learn how to connect with these Brains and release the stored negative energy in different ways.

When you like to read more about this, my book "How Men & Women fit" explains how our 3 brain are responsible for our communication behaviour etc.

Have amazing loving days!

Christoffel Sneijders

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