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Why are relationships hard to do, it starts with the color of your shirt.

How do you know a baby is boy or girl when you see them in a stroller?

What would you say if they have a blue shirt and what would you say if they have a pink shirt?

From early age we are - with all positive intentions - socialised to act like a boy or girl and hence our Gut or Heart brain get trained.

That is perfect that they are getting educated, the only thing is that we make that training gender specific.

Boys more Gut brain and Girls more Heart Brain.

And later in life we find it strange that we have issue in our relationships?

See more in the 5 minute video about this.

Have fun BTW what is the color of my shirt?

Have an amazing day


If you like to read some more download the first 2 chapters for free from this page.

PS The book is now available on Amazon, Ibooks and Barnes&Nobles. So actually you are the first to have to opportunity to read this.

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