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Researcher Frans de Waal and the famous fairness experiment with monkeys

So what happens when this strong mechanism of fairness gets violated for monkeys and think how would I react in this case, probably the same :-).

Why is it important to know that fairness is an ingrained mechanism in animals and us?

When something unfair happens to an animal it gets angry, an emotional outburst and this can are followed by frustration.

The same happens for us humans when we experience unfairness only with one important difference, animals forget these actions of unfairness in a couple of hours, of course when the action gets repeated and repeated a pavlov effect is created.

We humans with our beautiful minds give meaning to this unfairness and we create a believe system about this unfairness, like researches cannot be trusted.

Or in real life when we are betrayed, physically or emotionally abused/hurt, passed over for a promotion, left behind after a divorce with the kids etc whilst the ex-partner is having fun with his/her new partner, a loss in the family or friends that is not fair, having a disease which we do not deserve etc. these can create emotions like grief, anger, hate, revenge, and more.

What happens these negative emotions stay in our body locked when we do not solve them, get even with our justice system and accept, forgive and have gratitude.

Don’t get me wrong I do not say it is easy to accept, forgive, and have gratitude and it is the only way to real healing and leaving the negative emotions behind.

Pitifully our current society is full with injustice, we are learned from an early age you have winners and losers, we have to be the best, have the highest marks at school; the educational system is based on success and winning, not based on dealing with compassion, learning to help and assist others.

Although it creates success and innovation in this world it also creates losers in this world and nobody wants to be a looser. So not playing according to the rules is inevitably with consequences as injustice for the ones who do play it according to the rules.

So most of us have somewhere unsolved emotions of unfairness.

Just imagine you could like to learn how to help yourself and others with better mechanism to overcome the unfairness how would d that be? Why not join us in the Clinical Hypnotherapy or NLP training or by following the remaster yourself - the personal leadership journey - workshop?

Love to see you and create an enjoyable happy day filled with laughter.

Christoffel Sneijders

Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, professor at the IE Business School, ReMaster Yourself facilitator

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