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New 2 day workshop: the body, mind and field connection, an inside in emerging trance (hypnotherapy)

New 2 day workshop: the body, mind and field connection, an inside in emerging trance (hypnotherapy) and our somatic brain.

Connecting somatic work with hypnotherapy and with the energy of the field is a revolutionary new way to work at solving issues, especially those issues where the (physical)emotional response to a specific trauma or past events is still there.

Even though we maybe have compartmentalised it or to say popular put is away and buried it or think we accepted it, in 9 out of 10 times, the moment we really think about it the emotion occurs.

The reason is that we solved it in our head and not in our other brains: the heart and the gut so it stays in the body.

What that actually means is: “it is not solved!” the fight and fly respond is still running in the background on a slow burner with all the detrimental effects on our physical and mental health.

In this 2 day workshop we focus on the principals of this work. With references to Moshe Feldenkrais, Peter Levine and Stephan Gilligan

and all the others who contributed to this field.

The main difference between this emerging trance hypnotherapy and the “traditional” Ericksonian hypnotherapy is that in the last one the focus is on: having a “disassociated” conscious mind and utilising the brilliance of the unconscious mind.

In emerging trance hypnotherapy we focus on: “emerging creativity and solutions from a conversation between the “disassociated” conscious mind the brilliance of the unconscious mind, and the energy of the field between therapist and client.

In these 2 days we will focus on:

Underlying principles of emerging trance hypnotherapy;

neuro locks, 3 brains, and how to create the emerging trance dialogue

How to release the neuro locks that are created by traumatic events

A COACH’ing state and CRASH’ing state and how to create a COACH state

The use of modalities in emerging trance

Exercises to master the knowledge and feel/experience the change

CPD points are/could be eligible for this workshop, depending on the association. For AHA members 1 point per hour in total 10 points.

The date 16th and 17th of December 2017, timing 9.30-17.00.

Location Perth Enterprise Centre, Stirlingstreet 18, Northbridge, Perth

The investment: $250 for PHA and AHA members, (ex)-students and clients, all the others $300

Your ticket is available at eventbrite . - There are limited spots, so yours will be booked in strict order of registration -

I will be happy to meet you in December! and have a great day!


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