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What are your thoughts about this statement of Gabor Maté?

He is using ex president Ronald Reagan (Alzheimer), Betty Ford (Breast Cancer), Jaqueline du Pre (Multiple Sclerosis) as examples, as he boldly states the link between childhood trauma and chronic illnesses.

Ten years ago it was maybe strange to state this, but nowadays his claims are backed up by research. As he shared, there is more and more evidence for his statement.

As an example, Canadian Research shows that abused children have 50% more change of creating cancer later in life.

How can this be? How can one lead to the other? Pitifully it is easy.

When we have child trauma (abuse etc) and/or an emotionally deprived childhood, we create behavioural and emotional patterns to deal with this trauma, popular called coping mechanism.

By the way, even for not really serious traumas or experiences we can create coping mechanisms. Coping mechanisms were described by Freud more than 100 years ago. The most “popular” ones are “denial” and “humour”. If you know the Sitcom Friends, just think of Chandler and you see “humour” as coping mechanism in action and “denial” and probably all the other ones just think of Donald Trump.

Anyhow, those coping mechanisms are there to prevent to deal with a stressful event in our life. It means that if we perceive something as painful, negative etc., we do our best to cope with it. Almost all coping mechanisms are based on disassociation, so do not really deal with the event but avoid it to really come in our system. The pity is when we cope we do not deal with the event in an mature adult way, we don’t acknowledge our emotions, and do not give our emotions time to dissolve. Our coping mechanism radar is 24/7 on to detect “attacks” and that is “negative” energy.

So when we keep those strong coping mechanisms alive and therefore the stress alive in our mind/body, we create a lower immune system.

Nowadays, science is saying that we restore/replace 20 million cells every second, so we change all our body cells in 7 years. Bruce Lipton already wrote a long time ago that our body has two main mechanisms: the first one is “to restore and heal”, which means rejuvenating those 20 million cells every second and getting rid of bacteria, infections etc. and the second one is “fight, fly, or freeze state”, based on “perceived” external danger. And those 2 cannot work on the same moment, so as long we keep somewhere stress in our life/body, our body organs/skin cannot rejuvenate fully. It is like when we maintain our car badly and do not do the 10.000 kilometres maintenance check, don’t replace the tires etc. What happens? It will break down sooner or later. This mechanism is the same for our body. So the logical next steps are illness somewhere in our body or mind.

The good new is that there is an “easy” way for solving this, stepping out of the loop of the past coping mechanism: disconnecting the emotions from the past event(s) mentally and physically, change the negative coping mechanisms into supporting positive ones and create an appealing future.

I know that the “what to do” sounds easy and the “how to do it” makes it in most of the times difficult, unless you take the “right” path and steps to the solution. It means that besides taking action, we need also to let go soothing solutions and really work on solution focussed actions that integrate the holistic map of where we are going to.

My passion and dream is to help you with tools, techniques, and new insights so that you can walk into that store and make that personal choice, that personal decision and that personal action and if you wish, that you also help others to do the same.

This is the reason I created the "ReMaster Yourself" workshop - a true Personal Leadership journey - to enable you to make it happen, besides the clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP training.

It is based on an integration of most of the psychological, physical and energetic treatments, techniques, that are out in the field now. It is a true integration of the mind (conscious and subconscious), the body (psychical and energetic) and the sub-atomic energy field that connects us all.

So the question is... "Do you want to...

Be more successful in your personal and business life?

Learn how our mind and body works and connects?

Overcome your limiting beliefs, unsettling habits and distorted thought patterns?

Help others to do the same?

Have the tools, techniques and mindset to achieve your goals, ambitions and dreams?

And, most importantly, have an energising, heartwarming, transformational experience filled with emotions, laughter and fun?"

Your ticket is available at . - There are limited spots, so yours will be booked in strict order of registration -

If interested to know more, you can listen to our some people who already experienced the Personal Leadership Journey Amanda Hassell or Pill visit the webpage

I will be happy to meet you in October in Perth or in November in Madrid or in an in company/organization training!

Love to hear from you and don’t forget … “never let your mind stop you from having a good time!”.


NB Continuing development credits can be given for following this workshop

Program delivered by Christoffel Sneijders, more information at christoffel profile

I have more than 27 years experience in line management, international training, coaching processes, and therapy work with clients with severe issues. I have worked with people in countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA and Australia.

In total, more than 10.000 people face to face or in small training groups.

Note: Copyright to this video is LondonRealTV

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