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Living Well exhibition living your potential workshop

Living your Potential, does that sound appealing to you or are there some hmmm's about that statement?

This workshop is all about how to do that.

What will the workshop be about?

How can you change your top 3 negative habits in just 3 days to live the life you desire?

Create a more fulfilling life, the power of limiting beliefs and how to eliminate those.

The concept is based on an integration of most of the psychological, physical and energetic treatments, techniques, that are out in the field now: Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology,The Head/Heart/Gut brain, NLP, Focus Techniques, Breathwork, Constellations, Reiki, Sound Therapy, and of course connected with the knowledge from Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Epigenitical Programming.

This is a true integration of the mind (conscious and subconscious), the body (psychical and energetic) and the sub-atomic energy field that connects us all.

Take the step from awareness and understanding to a true and successful solution and implementation.

Link to the exhibition and my presentation Living Well Exhibition

Love to see you the 19th of May,

Or look and book for the 3 day workshop in Busselton the 25th-27th of May at Eventbrite

Or in Perth the 3 day workshop is the 8th-10th June at Eventbrite


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