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Join the 3 Brains Coaching Presentation at ICF Spain Global Development days

Next week I will be talking for ICF Spain at their Global Development days about how 3 Brains coaching will help you in working with people.

If you can join.

Why is it important to know about the 3 Brains when you coach clients especially in these times of COVID, working remotely and with daily fear and hopelessness being broadcasted?

As we all are aware, 90% of our decisions/actions are orchestrated by our subconscious. 

The art of coaching includes working with this perceived “black box” to assist our client in long lasting change and development instead of providing quick fixes. 

Our clients success lies in how good they can access this "black box" for making long lasting change 

Asking questions is key and not enough!

Just ask any person if willpower is enough to overcome a habit or addiction. 

The answer is NO as every habit we have is actually an addiction. 

We are addicted to the habit of doing the things we are used to do as it keeps us "safe". 

Yes, we actually have a Brain in our Heart and one in our Gut, they individually store memories and make independent decisions. 

These two Brains are actually in charge of our subconscious,  habits/addictions and they use the Autonomic Nerve System to communicate with our Head.

In this 1 hour presentation we will cover the main points of the 3 Brains theory and much more important: How it can help you in your coaching practice to have more success with your clients. 

Last but not least The 3 Brains coaching is highly applicable in these remote times! 

As we have to bypass their critical thinking with all the "yes, but ..." responses. And even if they say yes, how long will that yes last?

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❤️ to see you 🙏

Cheers Christoffel 

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