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Join my ICF AustalAsia webinar! The 3 Brains Connection - the missing link for long lasting change

Do you work as a coach or are using coaching in your work?

This is your change to have in insight in the groundbreaking uniqueness of 3 (Head, Heart and Gut) Brains Coaching!

I am happy that ICF AustralAsia is providing me the opportunity to share some insights/highlights in how it could be beneficial for you and your clients.

As 3 Brains Coaching is seen as the world's most powerful solution for:

- Anxiety (stress)

- Depression

- Addictions

- Procrastination

- The decision paralysis

As ICF webinars are open to everyone even if you are not an ICF member, you can join this 1,5 hour webinar and get the highlights of 3 Brains Coaching.

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What can you expect from this short event: the 3 Brains Connection - the missing link for long lasting change?

  • The science behind the three Brains—our Head, Heart and Gut—and how they work. BTW our 3 Brains are a scientific fact!

  • Why and how 3 Brains coaching can help you to make a genuine connection with another person (also when we are online).

  • Why and how our 3 Brains can block a solution.

This is what we experience so many times when we work with our clients.

Our clients formulate their objectives and actions plans, and even though they know that they are reasonable and doable they do not consistently implement them.

The 3 Brains Theory provides the explanation why that is and that our client is detouring somewhere down the line and is finding excuses for not following up.

Why is that? Our clients are getting blocked down the road as their 3 Brains are not aligned with the solution. Even though logically (Head Brain) they have said say yes to the solution their subconscious - hence Heart and/or Gut brain - is disagreeing and derails or is stopping the change. Learning the language of the Head, Heart and Gut Brain and how they could be misalignment in dealing with topics and therefore block the decision making, provides you the insights to truly assist your client to be successful and experience long lasting development. I will provide you during this webinar with practical 3 Brains Coaching tips and tools to use in the virtual world that will enhance your clients experience and engagement levels.

As bonus you will have the possibility to discover your personal Brain dominance using the online '3 Brains preference test'

The last 4 years I have been delivering in Australia and Europe - based on this theory - workshops and the ICF CCEU Accredited 3 Brains Coach Certification Training, and wrote a book about how the 3 Brains are influencing our personal Relationships.

I am happy to present it for to the ICF in AustralAisa 🎉!

When you sometimes think, "Why is my client not succeeding. What is keeping them stuck?"

When you have moments that you feel that the client's emotions are blocking the solution

When you have clients who have issues to overcome their procrastination or are staying stuck in saying yes and doing no?

then wait no longer and sign up for the webinar

3 (Head, Heart and Gut) Brain Coaching brings the solution

The ICF AustralAsia educational webinar will be held the 18th of February, so don't miss this opportunity

Thank you Slaven Drinovac and Julie Goodhart and the rest of #icfaustralasia team to arrange this!

Love to see you


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