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How successful are you in personal change?

Do you feel that you could achieve more and feel more satisfied than you did up to now, and not only for you personal but maybe also for your team at work?

For real long-lasting change we need something more than the logical brain, even if we understand that change is great, it brings benefits and staying in the old is not the best to do, most of us will not change.

When we think about the easy things we like to change in our health, eat healthy, sport more, better work/private balance. We all made decisions in this area and did not follow up.

The reason is because the logical mind cannot overrun the other brains, the HEART and GUT brain. And there is a solution.

That are the following the 9 steps, based on 30 years experience and having worked wth more than 10.000 people.

Following these steps provide amazing success with teams, companies and individuals who suffered from serious issues, like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addictions.

Following these steps will create a long lasting change and solution.


1. About your life (un)satisfaction

2. About what you do and how that is making you feel

3. That you can change, that it is possible and you have the resources


4. How the connection of the Head/heart/Gut Brain works in (no)change

5. Why the old emotions, beliefs and habits are not needed anymore

6. That you are safe now and change will only benefit you


7. Letting go of the old emotions, beliefs and habits

8. Install the new belief/habits

9. Live the new belief and your happiness !

Like to learn more about this?

Visit my website to learn more about this.

Have an amazing day today!


Professor organisation al behavioural leadership at IE Business School Clinical Hypnotherapist/psychotherapist and owner school of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy and NLP Executive Coach

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