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How about joining us coming Tuesday at ICF Sacramento Charter Chapter

ICF Sacramento 3 Brains coaching
ICF Sacramento 3 Brains coaching

How about joining us coming Tuesday at ICF Sacramento Charter Chapter, Susan Keeley, BS, ACC, TICC and The 3 Brains - Head, Heart and Gut - Connection: The pathway to long-lasting coaching results! Webinar.

What will this webinar be about?

How is it possible that when our clients formulate their objectives and actions plans, they do not consistently follow them up?

How is it possible that most of our clients can fall back in procrastination of things they decided that are good for them to do?

Is it the Prefrontal Lobes in their Head that is making the decision to wait till the last moment?

Our Prefrontal Lobes are their for logical decision making so how its this making sense?Who or what inside our is in charge and distracts them 🤔?

The 3 Brains Coaching Theory provides you the answers and has the insights and techniques to work effectively with this topic and coach your clients on these dilemmas?

Take Aways

During this webinar you will learn:

•How can we distinguish how and why the 3 brains are connected to the topic the client is discussing?

•What is actually blocking the client to move forward and what is enabling the client to move forward?

•An insight into 3 brains language (ICF Core Competencies Active Listening, Powerful Questioning and Creating Awareness)

•The science behind the three brains – our head, heart and gut – and how they work.

•Learn your personal brain dominance using the online ‘3 Brains preference test’

🙌🏻 Looking forward to meeting you in one of the 3 Brains Coach Certification Trainings !

Read more about the 30 CCEU's ICF approved training with this link

Have a beautiful day and love seeing you in June.

Enjoy christoffel

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