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The essentials of 3 Brains -Head, Heart and Gut - Coaching and the path to long lasting change

As coaches, we want the best for our coachee and to assist them in achieving long lasting change.

Still, how is it possible that when our clients formulate their objectives and actions plans, they do not consistently follow them up?

How is it possible that understanding, willingness, and ability are not enough for long lasting change?

Why is their subconscious blocking the things they want to achieve and more importantly, is there a way out of their subconscious maze?

Maybe you know that feeling.

Your head says yes, but your heart/gut feeling says no? How do you decide, in that moment, if it is better to follow your head, your heart, or your gut feeling... and how can we override the "no" from our heart or gut feeling?

More importantly, how do we coach our clients on these dilemmas?

The 3 Brains Coaching Theory provides you the answers, and has the insights and techniques to work effectively with this topic.

Understanding and speaking the language of the Head, Heart, and Gut-Brain provides critical information to coach our clients to make long-lasting change.

In this video you will :

  • Learn the 3 Brains concept

  • How to analyze the 3 Brains

  • Understand how to use this concept in your coaching

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Christoffel PCC

visiting professor behavioural organisational leadership at the IE Business School Madrid Executive coach/trainer

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and Master in NLP and Reiki

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