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From Which Brain are YOU coaching?

The 25th of February online an amazing webinar for everyone who is using coaching.

Why is it essential for every one who is coaching - as coach, manager, or leader - to master this?


Our 3 Brains have a different view on the meaning of life ….

and pitifully do NOT speak the same language


Decisions are mostly made by 1 or 2 brains, not the 3 of them aligned


When they do not communicate with each other, they stay reflexively loyal to the most dominant brain, and that could cause them pain, frustration or disappointment.

In this webinar I combine theory with exercises.

Learning Outcomes of this webinar :

  • We will touch on the science of the 3 Brains,

  • Learn their responsibilities and therefore their decision making and

  • We will learn how to analyse which brain is talking

Read more and register with this link

Love to see you next week,

Cheers Christoffel


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